When it comes to supplements, there is much going on in the market regarding what you should have, how much should you have, how you should have, etc. So many a time, you may end up getting confused. There are a number of supplements available in the market and you need to have the right one to have a fit body. If you really want to depend on a supplement, you can even try out the products at Health Monthly.

So here, I have listed the supplements that you need for proper health. So you can know what you need to take in proper proportion to maintain a good health.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids: This is a very common supplement available in the market and used by people. Many people know the health benefits of taking fish oil. It helps to improve lipid profile, cardiovascular health, brain function and has no harmful side effects.

Vitamin B: They are best in body detoxification which we badly need after exercise. It increases energy production and improves our mood as it is neurotransmitter cofactors. Engaging in heavy exercise decreases the level of Vitamin B in our body so you need to take extra supplements to rebuild them. For better result take them in the morning.

Magnesium: When it comes to supplements, magnesium tops the list. Most of the athletes have the magnesium deficiency and it is very much essential for biological systems. It helps muscles in the process of contraction and relaxation, proper heart rhythm, controlling blood pressure and producing ATP.

Vitamin D: When our body get exposed to sunlight, Vitamin D is produced. It literally takes some hours in the sun to produce the required amount. So most of us end up producing less amount of the vitamin. Vitamin D helps to reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer, reduces inflammation, improves respiratory health and helps to fight against infection. It works with calcium to improve bone density.

Protein: Protein is another important element that your body needs. Make sure you take it in a proper amount. Excess intake of protein may cause acidity. When taken in proper amount, it helps to repair body tissues and reduce muscle soreness. Animal protein is recommended. Most of the athletes use whey protein.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C when combine with carbs is absorbed better. Otherwise, the vitamin will not be absorbed and you will end up with diarrhea. You can get this vitamin from fruits with fructose content. It also helps in the production of ATP which helps to repair muscles and heal wounds. Athletes need to take vitamin C during and after the workout.

Now a number of brands sell out health supplements. Most of the time supplements are costly and may go out of your budget. In that case, you may better check for offers online. You are sure to find some discount codes out there. So use them and get some money saving deals.