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You will find that you need to keep a lot of things in mind so that you can use them as per requirement. The schoolrooms are one such place where you need a lot of concentration to keep everything clear in mind. If you want to learn something new – like chess or playing the piano, you still need to memorize different ways you can play the game or punch the keys for a particular note. There are times when you are present in a class but mentally somewhere else. The result being your failing to grasp the subject discussed in the class. If such thing keeps on occurring then you would need some help to improve your concentration and gain sure footing in perception of anything new that is being discussed.

Concentration and interests

You can love the subject that is being taught and you will find this increase your memory span. Researches show that the attention can be increased with help of meditation or some other similar exercises that must be done regularly. You may find boring things move out of your attention span faster and love for the thing you are studying will seriously increase your concentration span. An interesting movie will remain in your memory for a longer time but the dull and drab discussion on management of a clean cafeteria may elude your consciousness completely.

Focus on what you are doing

There are times when you are not paying proper attention and you seem to lose sight of the things that you should have remembered. These lapses of memory are caused due to your inattention. You forget where you have parked your car or you do not seem to remember the exact place where you have left the DVD that you were viewing. You must move around and waste your energy to find out the car or the DVD. Paying proper attention to things that you are doing should be a must from your part. Do not get distracted and focus while working.

Diet, exercises and stress management

Improve concentration with proper diet and right kind of exercise. Brain health is important and you should stimulate it with cognitive stimulation by summarizing and relating the task with other similar ones. Eliminate distractions so that the attention span covers whatever you need to memorize or learn. Never do a lot of things together at a time but divide the time as per your work. Concentrate on each task within the allotted time period. Repeat the information that you have gathered so that it is refreshed and you can recall them without much effort. Keep stress out of your system and if required – do distressing pranayama.

Supplements for better concentration and memory

There are some supplements that work wonders to make your memory very strong. There are other vitamins that your body needs to improve memory and focus. These supplements of vitamins can be used for boosting concentration and memory. Omega3 fatty acid is one such ingredient as these helps the brain cells to function better. It removes the decline of memory strength due to aging. Another such compound is Ginkgo Biloba and it helps in concentration too. The blood flow to brain increases with this vitamin and augment loss of memory. L-Tyrosine is amino acid that controls attention of the brain. These compounds seriously increase your concentration span and also keep your mood light.