Heroin, a drug obtained from morphine, is highly addictive and harmful to human body. The effects may last for shorter as well as longer duration of time. Most humans habituated to its use are trapped in its web that even their body succumbs to it. It has huge impact on the whole system. Let us see the harm it does to the human body. The nature of the harm done depends on how long the system has been under its grip. It is used mainly by people suffering from some stress or anxiety phase issues. They basically want to forget their worry for a while anaheimlighthouse.com/blog/how-long-does-heroin-stay-in-your-system.

  • It starts slowing down heart rate and if its intake is not controlled at the right time, it may even lead to death.
  • It may lead to nausea and vomiting.
  • It directly impacts the central nervous system. In a layman’s language, it affects the brain. The brain gets into its slavery as such. Once the person uses it to calm down the brain, the brain wants it everytime to calm itself down.The person starts craving for more of it.
  • Even if a person decides that he has taken the addiction to extreme and wants to come back, the effect is very painful. The withdrawal symptoms get queued up. These symptoms may range from nausea and vomits to shivering to severe cramps. These painful episodes might be uncontrolled without medications. In short, the person turns helpless.

Is the effect only on health or even on the social well being?

The results of being dependent on heroin are reflected in the social and emotional well being as well. No doubt it takes a toll on health. The person’s performance at work, his personal behavior and his behavior among people is highly hampered. The addict may not admit that he is on drugs, but, he or she would appear to be in slumber or may appear highly inactive. Their ability to handle their own behavior becomes weaker. Their cravings add an icing to the cake. Cravings make them behave abnormally, as if, they are cut off from society. Their concentration, application power all get dwindled up.

What are the other effects?

The other effects may be skin problems, heart problems, collapsing of veins, problems in breathing bringing in lung problems. A variety of infections may result as the addicts inject it into their blood. It may lead to hepatitis, HIV, AIDS. Pregnant women, if addicted to heroin, may even lose their child.

If you understand that some of your friends or any close acquaintances seem to be addicted to it, but is not admitting, you need to help him/her. Seeking help at the right time would help in reverting back to normal. If untreated, it may take away the person’s life. The addicts need the support of near ones and good medical and psychological advice to escape from its grip.