I am not a comparer by nature, but according to me everything has its own pluses along with minus. This is all the more so as yoga has its own pluses. The general notion among the people is what else I can do apart from yoga. The yoga classes Thane has an answer to this because the benefits of yoga is something out of the blue. In my mind, yoga needs to function at the optimum level to be beneficial.


Why is the need for me to go to the gym each day and work out every part separately when yoga helps me to connect all the dots together? No amount of lifting weights is going to do me well until and unless I go on to lift my own body weight in yoga. Each and everything you do in yoga is engaging things to the core and you are relying on this to stabilize your body. With different arm balances along with inversions, yoga helps you to strengthen your muscles, raise your heartbeat and lengthen them all in a single go. What about this in terms of efficiency.


The best part about yoga is that it does not cost you a single penny. All what is needed is a certain degree of practice, and you just need to wear a pair of clothes which will allow you to move, you will not even need a yoga mat, as green grass is more than enough. If you are looking for some form of inspiration there is a lot of online inspirational videos to help you. But the situation is just the difference if you are planning for yoga classes in Thane, as you will have some form of professional help in this regard.

There is no need for any form of equipment and you can go on to do it wherever you please. No matter if you are on the road, home or the streets you can plan a session of yoga with considerable ease. In fact, as long as the desire is there in you, you can go on to strike a few poses for sure.

It is not a competitive sport

Yoga is much better than a gym because you do not go to pit yourself against others. There is more than enough competition in life and in the general world. While some people may be running on the tread mill beside you, in case of yoga you are in competition with yourself and there is no need to worry what others are doing around you. There is no form of comparing or competing as your competition is within you only.


Yoga can go on to provide the much-added variety, if you plan to do it each single day. If you are looking for some form of challenge you can go on to throw some inversions in your poses. If you seek some form of relaxation you can go on try a pigeon.

Helps you lose weight

With regular practice of yoga, you go on to change the manner by which your mind functions. You say a strict no to any form of junk food and go on to provide the food which is rich in nutrients along with minerals.