Let’s face it; caring for a child with autism has never been a walk in the park. Sure, it can be thrilling, rewarding, and inspiring to see your little one make progress each passing day, but it can also be a little overwhelming, if not downright disparaging if you don’t have a support network. The good thing is, gone are the days when you had to do it alone; nowadays, you can reach out to a fully trained and certified professional who offers a broad range of autism services in Nashville, TN.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for some vital online resources geared towards caring for autistic children, you are in good company – keep reading. Even with these resources at your disposal, don’t forget that professional autism services in Nashville, TN can make your life and that of your little one a whole lot easier and fun.

#1. AutismNOW (autismnow.org)

For every parent with an autistic kid, AutismNOW should be a slice of heaven. How so? This one-stop shop website should be your go-to resource when it comes to the latest research, news, and information on autism from around the globe.

#2. MyAutismTeam (myautismteam.com)

Simply put, MyAutismTeam.com is much akin to a social network site for all parents of children with autism. Here, you can mingle, share parenting experiences – challenges, downturns, and happy moments, and support each other.

#3. National Autism Association (www.nationalautismassociation.org)

National Autism Association is a reputable resource for parents of autistic kids, and it offers a platform for people to join autism support groups. Of course, it’s crucial for families tackling autism to have an outlet. This website allows you and other parents going through a similar thing to connect both within a particular region and online.

#4. Dads 4 Special Kids(www.dads4specialkids.com)

Are you a father who’s bearing the brunt of a beating from caring for a special child? You are not alone – Dads 4 Special Kids site offers you an opportunity to share your story and challenges with other like-minded dads throughout the country.

#5. Autism Learn (www.autismlearn101.com)

This website is an aggregation of online activities geared towards all people living with autism, including kids, to help them develop crucial life skills.

#6. Healing Thresholds (autism.healingthresholds.com)

Therapies geared towards addressing autism and related disorders are developed each year, and Healing Thresholds website is where you can find information on all these autism research and news.

#7. Make Friends With Autism (www.children-specialized.org)

Ever wondered that others don’t get what you are going through? This site is dedicated to advocating the understanding of ASD and encouraging families that deal with a spectrum of autism disorders every day.

#8. Autism in Action (www.autisminaction.com)

Often shortened AiA, Autism in Action offers how-to learning programs which can assist your little one with practically any task – from speech to self-care or anything in between.

#9. Autism Calendar (www.sarnet.org/events)

This is an awesome autism tool that aggregates all upcoming autism-related events in and around your neighborhood.

#10. Parent Coaching for Autism (www.parentscoachingforautism.org)

Parents of children with autism can greatly benefit from this site by sharing coping mechanism, tips for therapies, and medical ideas through an array of newsletters and digital training materials. All these resources can certainly complement help from autism services in Nashville, TN.