We all feel tired from time to time and a little lethargic. And let’s be honest. How many of us actually sleep enough every single night? So the odd tired day is to be expected. But if you’re feeling lacking in energy more frequently, it can make concentrating difficult and cause a number of problems.

Here are our top 4 tips for boosting your energy.


You don’t have to run a marathon to feel the benefits of exercise. Even a daily brisk walk can get the heart pumping. Exercise increases your energy levels over time and helps you to sleep better.

Struggling to find the time to fit it in? Why not work a brisk walk into your commute? Park a little further from the office or get off the train a stop earlier and finish the journey on foot. If that won’t work, then maybe getting out and walking on your lunch break could.

Work exercise into your week and you could notice the difference within days.

Pack your diet with whole grains, vegetables and nuts

What you eat can have a huge impact on your energy levels. Food with a low glycemic index (meaning their sugars are absorbed slowly) are much better for energy levels. So consider a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, proteins and healthy oils.

It’s another change that could yield quick improvements in your energy levels.

Drink plenty of water

Do you drink enough water? Really? Many of us don’t. And long before you’re feeling excessive thirst, mild dehydration can present itself in the form of fatigue.

So keep on top of your water intake and avoid dehydration related fatigue.

Turn your bedroom into a sleeping paradise

Mobile phone screens, TVs, excessive natural light – these are all things in a bedroom that can really hinder the quality of your sleep. So make changes to your bedroom that make the room all about sleeping.

Don’t stare at your phone screen in bed, take the TV out of the room, make sure you have good quality curtains and a great quality mattress.

Really focus on making your bedroom peaceful, quiet and comfortable with a view to making your sleep the best quality it can be.

Still constantly exhausted?

If you’re still feeling tired despite diet improvements, drinking plenty of water, exercising and sleeping well, then you should rule out any health issues. You can take an energy test at home to look at things like thyroid function, iron levels and the levels of certain vitamins, such as vitamin D or B12 all which play an important role in your body’s energy levels.

This should help to rule out any problems that could be causing low energy. And, as ever, if it’s a persisting problem, seek medical advice.