There are a number of factors which can lead to bad backs. From sitting in the same position for too long to bad posture or injuries, anything could be the reason for that. No matter what the cause is, you need to take care of it. If not, the pain can aggravate and lead to further problems. So, what are the things that you can do in case of pain without having to visit the doctor?

Let’s look at all the things that you can possibly do.

Exercise and Stretching is Essential for your Back

A lot of people often think that exercising can worsen the pain. But, that’s not true. In fact, not indulging in any kind of healthy physical movement can lead to a lot of problems. When you don’t exercise on a regular basis, there would be no muscle support for your spine. If you are sitting for long hours, get up and stretch in every hour. When exercising, your movement must not be repetitive. Exercise and regular stretching must be used as a method to improve the body’s range of motion.

Tilt your Head Up

When it comes to bad backs, your back, as well as your neck, needs to be taken care of. The muscles of your upper neck are ought to be strained if you bend your neck or head forward for a long period of time. To help ease this pain, try to hold your head up in a way that your chin is neither tucked in nor protruding. By doing so, your shoulders would get back in place and hence the stress on your back would be reduced to a certain level. If you feel excessive pain, getting in touch with a doctor would be a good idea.

Inactivity at Work is also a Major Reason for Pain

If most of the time of your day is spent working on your desk, that might also lead to bad backs and would cause pain. Sitting in the same position for too long isn’t a healthy thing to do and therefore you should consider changing your posture at regular intervals. Also, while you are sitting, maintain an upright posture. Keep your torso vertical, your thighs in a horizontal position and keep your lower legs vertical. This would aid in reducing the pain for a while.

Acupuncture Might Also be a Good Option

Acupuncture is also a wonderful treatment option which can aid in releasing the muscle tension. In this treatment, fine, sterile needles are inserted into certain acupuncture points in the body. This does not cause any kind of pain. The acupuncture points are situated into along the channels located within the body. This treatment triggers a healing response that would correct the imbalance and thereby enable the individual to feel better.

All of the above tips are definitely beneficial. But, in case the pain is way too much to bear and nothing is helping you in any way, it would be best to consult a doctor. It might be a serious issue that needs proper medical attention.