It is an anabolic androgenic steroid, which has gained popularity since past three decades due to its amazing qualities. It is known to be following Testosterone in the world of Injectable steroid. Like other anabolic drugs, it is used to gain bulk muscles, which are desired by the professional bodybuilders and athletes. The steroid is even recommended to increase ones appetite.

Why Nandrolone?

The drug effects can be realized for minimum two weeks. It is commonly taken in solution form to gain full bioavailability. It has proved to be more useful than its age old colleague, testosterone. This happens for its easy acceptance by androgen receptor in muscle tissue.

It was first used to grow bone density and to increase muscle strength. Using of its dosage for eight weeks is sure to increase the production of red blood cells rapidly. It acts as the best med to cure pain occurring in the joints while doing strenuous workouts in gym and athletic field.

It is one of the few drugs, which can be used for both on cycle and off cycle to gain desired results in safe way without any hindrance to normal health. ‘Deca’ as it is commonly termed is good for muscle growth in a slower process compared to other anabolic steroids. Hence, its muscle integrity stays for a long time and there are minimal health issues to be endured. It is comfortably used as progestin based contraceptive.

Unlike other drugs used for enhancing muscle growth, it rarely affects the liver. It doesn’t trigger negative aspects of using anabolic steroid like hair loss, skin diseases and formation of acne. It can be used to cure injury pain in an effective way.

Dosage level:

Dosage level for men is from 250mg to 500mg a week. Female users of the steroid mainly take up to 150mg a week, considerably quite less than men’s dosage. The best part about the steroid is its dosage can be combined with any powerful steroids to gain needed results in faster way without having any health issues.

To know more about the wonders of the steroid and its usage procedure, you can always log on to informative websites like Here you can read the blogs written by its users, which will be quite beneficial, if you are new to anabolic steroids. There you can learn the dos and don’ts of using such potent steroids.