Addiction could be of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, gambling, shopping, and more. It is chronic condition and the person seeks it despite the harm it’s causing mentally and physically. The person physically becomes dependant on it and drifts away from his/her family and loved ones. If you are one of them or your loved one is going through a problem like this than don’t worry Wilderness Therapy is here for you.

Healing Nature Power

Wilderness programs are widely available to bring you the help that can kill your sufferings forever. This program run on the notion that nature and its ecosystem have the power to put the life of humans back together. The process involves 3 stages-

Stage 1: Cleansing of the mind, body and soul

Stage 2: Developing personal and social responsibility

Stage 3: Building strong foundation for lasting recovery


Benefits of adventure therapy

This wilderness therapy works on how you view yourself in your own eyes. The challenges in the nature help you to take actions individually or as a team. The program inculcates independent characteristics by imparting living skills.

The various group and individual therapies plants the seed of vigor by teaching you leadership, team work, responsibility and gaining trust and self-respect.  The program gets you disciplined with physical fitness activities and life sessions.

Sharing experiences with other sufferers provides support to work together towards living a clean and constructive life. The group acts as a support system driving energy to set positive goals and work towards its attainment.

Research and expertise

The backbone of the wilderness drug rehab program is the team of experts, psychologists, counselors and mentors who have the license, knowledge and great skills to direct you to the way of recovery. They have experience of years to provide correct assistance. They facilitate aftercare guidance of support groups to ensure your recovery remains and journey to it has fewer obstacles.