Very high resolution 3d rendering of a dental implant

Oral health is an important thing for everyone and they should have the concern to maintain it properly. Unlike the past days, there are many dental treatments are available. Therefore the people can cure any dental issues easily. For example, before few years if people lost their tooth, they cannot do anything to replace and there is no solution for that. But today’s most effective restorative dentistry allows people to get back the natural oral appearance even if they lost the entire teeth in the mouth. Most of the people are getting this treatment and they have got better results.

Best treatment for restoring the missing teeth

Overview of restorative dentistry

It is one of the dental treatments in which people can find solution for their damaged or lost teeth. In this procedure, many processes are involved and according to the problem the particular treatment will be given. Once people visit the clinic, the doctor will analyse the issues and they will determine which process has to be done. By utilizing these methods, the person can maintain and restore the oral health as they expect. General dentists will perform the processes and hence people do not need to search for a specialised professional.

Treatments in restorative dentistry

There are different treatments included in this restorative dentistry and the processes will be performed on the basis of the problem that the person is having. Some of the common procedures in today’s most effective restorative dentistry treatment are follows:

  • Fillings:

Some people will have damaged teeth and there will some gap in-between. For such people, the experts will fix the gap with some components like silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, composite resin etc. This is will be mostly performed for the teeth damage in cavity or decay.

  • Crowns:

The crowns are a cap like material which will be used to protect the teeth which are damaged or cracked. It will be placed on the teeth and the colour of the cap will be matched with the teeth colour. Likewise it will be fixed naturally over the teeth.

  • Bridges:

The bridges will fill the gap which is occurred while a tooth is lost or damaged. It will be attached strongly with the crowns. Therefore it will not remove from the teeth at time. It will also be used in the process of replacing the tooth.

  • Dentures:

It is a process of fixing an artificial tooth to a person. Some people will lose their teeth in accidents or due to aging and they can make use of this process and have the duplicate teeth in the mouth. Once it is performed, the other persons cannot identify that it is artificial. It will be mainly performed to the people who have lost the proper structure of face without teeth. After the process they can eat or drink as usual. There will not be any disturbance in the mouth.

  • Implants:

It is also a process of fixing artificial tooth, but here the artificial root will be created and then the tooth will be implanted.