One of the challenges you will face when you decide to start making your own juice at home is finding the right juicer device. Considering the numerous types and makes of product currently available in the market, choosing a particular one for your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. However, with the right information at your fingertips, you are less likely to make mistakes. You don’t have to worry anymore about buying the wrong product because you have come to the right place. Before purchasing any particular brand of juicer, it is important to know the best type of juicers in the market.

Some Benefits of owning a Triturating Juicer

The triturating juicers present users certain benefits that cannot be derived from other models, which is why we will look into some of these advantages.

  • They last longer than most other models
  • The juice produced usually have more nutrient content because of the slow oxidation feature
  • You can process some other kinds of produce aside from vegetables and fruits using the twin gear juicer -ginger, barley grass, alfalfa sprouts and so on
  • One can be sure of a higher produce yield from a twin gear juicer
  • Even your neighbors would thank you because this juicer operates without making much noise.

Top rated review of the best triturating juicers

In order to make your search for the right product easier, we have come up with a review of some of the best two gear juicers you will find in the market. For a more comprehensive list, please check triturating juicers review by

Samson Green Power (Kpe 1304)

Samson Green power is an efficient two gear juicer that operates silently at a maximum sound intensity of 80 decibels. It is suitable for making highly nutritious vegetable, fresh fruit juice and beverages including wheatgrass. It is very easy to clean up after use. You can get this product for a price tag anywhere between 400 USD to 470 USD.

Green Star Elite (Gse-5000)

Green Star Elite is the latest model of juicer by Tribest. It has been judged to be the most powerful two gear juicing device for household that is currently available in the market. It utilizes an advanced modern technology that ensures maximum extraction of juice from produce and comes with a very compact design. Maintenance is pretty easy and juice obtained from it is usually very nutritious. You can get this juicer for a price between 400 USD to 480 USD.

Super Angel Deluxe Model (Replaces Aj 5500)

Super Angel Deluxe is one of the latest juicer brands in the market. It comes with a housing that makes it easy to extract juice from soft fruits. It is an improved version of the AJ 5500 model, which is also a great juicer. It is made with a stainless steel finish and equipped with a three stage juice process. The quality of juice produced by this device is of the highest quality. It is also pretty easy to use and maintain. After knowing this much about the twin gear juicers, one can now easily go shopping for a juice extractor with the right purpose in mind.