Anabol is a widely used steroid because as it is very good in shedding fat and gaining muscle. It is also known as dianabol.

Benefits of using anabol

Anabol is used for growing the muscles, and also strong bone development, more energy and retaining leaner muscle.

Anabol helps growth of lean muscle and shred fat too. This will give you a toned as well as a flab free body. There is more energy and stamina to perform more strenuous workouts.

Anabol is being sold in so many names and many brands marketing it with growing demand over the years. It is one of the strongest steroids around. The 10mg dosage is common dosage content for sale in Europe and Asia markets. Let us learn about Anabol benefits and side effects

When you take a higher dosage than the prescribed upper limit for dianabol or anabol there severe health repercussions which aren’t reversible.

Growth of breasts in men

Bloating due to water retention

Testosterone hormones of the body are suppressed

Due to which the testicles shrink

Apparently studies have shown that cardiac health also comes under the scanner with brain damage too which are really serious side effects of anabol usage.

Recently more research into the effects of anabol show that it may cause Alzheimer’s disease. Increase risk of heart attack. Since the drug has the tendency of increasing the red blood cells in the body this may cause for blood vessel blockage or lead to a stroke.

The brain damage as mentioned earlier has been now found that the part of the brain which helps in cognitive functioning becomes dysfunctional due to the prolonged use of anabol.

Side effects need not always happen to users who have premedical condition. It has been found users normally neglect the warnings of using it safely and use well above the permissible limits and for extended period of time.

After experiencing the devastating after effects people are looking for alternatives. All along the use of steroids was banned in the sporting world but there is still rampant usage as any alternative has not been as effective as steroids and faster in action.

Buying anabol

Doing a little reading up and going through reviews and testimonials of users across the world will give you an idea which brands are commonly used and appreciated for their performance.

Checking out whether the pharmacy selling online is licensed or not. Certain underground labs and peddlers in the black market may not be selling legit anabol. It is the users prerogative to verify before buying. As illegal sellers may sell contaminated, adulterated or nefarious substances in the name of the drug. Fake drugs using popular brand names may lure users into buying them so good amount of research about the pharmacy’s supplier online has to be checked out.

Good brands are now available with newer enhanced effects and with herbal content too. Giving the user ample choice and with more information available for the user to check and find out which would suit him best.