There are many hormones which are produced by human body that gives many benefits to us. Many of these hormones play a vital role in normal functioning of the body. Many a times many need to additionally intake some of these in form of supplements because they either lack those hormones or they need more. Testertone is one important hormone produced by both male and female. It has more effects and more secreted in men. It is more often associated with the bone and muscle mass formation in men. It is also said to have an impact in red blood cell production. A man’s testertone level is also said to affect his mood.

Testertone implant and necessities

In many men, we commonly see this hormone is produced low. Or some people like professional body builders and weight lifters require more of this testertone hormone. In such cases, testertone implants come to rescue. In legal terms, this treatment should be used only if a male is proved to have serious testertone hormone deficiency. A person with low amount of this hormone is called as hypogonadism. This necessity has been used for bulking up also nowadays to give men bulkier frame and more stamina. A common method of doing this is by using testertone pellets implanted in your skin and can be used up to four months. This type of implants is getting gradually increased as per latest statistics. The recommendations of using this implant multiple times is still under study and at this stage, it is recommended to have this implants after doing a detailed assessment on following – i) age ii) any allergies to treatment iii) sugar and blood pressure check iv) breast cancer diagnostics are few to name from many.

Benefits of this treatment

Though there are various alternatives available to increase the testertone levels, like taking pills, injections using sprays and gels people started seeking this treatment nowadays. As this is hassle free and also does not have a prolonged or permanent effect in a person using this treatment. The pellets used for implant are normally called as Testopel. The manufacturing of this product is done in such a way that these Testopel start releasing the hormones soon after infusion in to your body. The release lasts till 4 to 6 months. As discussed, the dosage level differs for each male depending on their age and health criteria. A common recommended dosage is 150 to 450 mcg delivered every 3 to 6 months.

Word of caution

Though this implant promises to increase the low testertone levels in your body, there will be certain side effects in taking this procedure. Extreme caution will have to be taken while doing pre-screening examination that determines if you are eligible for this implant. If there are any health issues that are determined during this stage that would have serious effects with the implant treatment, then it is not advisable to proceed further. Pellets implanted in your skin may increase the body’s metabolic rate that may decrease the sugar glucose level required in the body. This treatment is normally given only for male, but if required by females – pregnant or nursing moms should stay away from this. Hence consult a physician before going for this and get exact benefits you require by following prescribed methods.