For some time now there has been a lot of questioning back and forth over what exactly is the best amount of time that one should spend in an addiction rehabilitation program like Drug Rehab North Peoria.  The questions have gone back and forth and back and forth quite a bit as to the perfect length of time, with the majority of those who have weighed in on the discussions agreeing that the longer one spends in a rehab center the better.

However, most rehab centers in the nation, in the greater Chicago area, and in North Peoria are pretty strict, thirty day programs.  Why are they all only thirty days long?  It seems like a bit of an arbitrary to say that an addict can kick a drug habit in thirty days.  Furthermore, it is even more of an arbitrary to say that any addict will beat a drug habit in thirty days.  Any addict beating a drug habit in thirty days?  Any addict and every addict?  This seems unlikely when you consider just how many different addicts there are in the nation and in North Peoria alone who are of all different ages, sexes, demographics, creeds, backgrounds, and lifestyles who are all struggling with different addictions that they’ve had for different lengths of time that they have been struggling with in different varying degrees of severity.

What’s the gimmick here?  Certainly there is not something magical or special about that thirty day mark.  The truth is, the main reason why most rehab centers such as Drug Rehab North Peoria and programs indeed utilize the thirty day method is because that is how long most insurance programs will agree to pay for rehab.  So, once a rehab program can no longer get paid by a client’s insurance policy, they will usually complete him through the program.  Unfortunately though, thirty days is often not enough time for many addicts to really make a legitimate breakthrough and beat their habits once and for all.

What to Do in North Peoria

There is no and never has been a simplified, one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.  When that’s been tried in the past it has never really worked at all. Needs are different for each individual from one individual to the next, and people progress at different rates through their own rehabilitation process. The organization that has done the most research and study into this area, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), advocates a minimum of three months, while some people may need treatment lasting up to a year it would seem.

Shorter treatment is of limited value as it is hardly enough time for the addict to even begin to crack the case of his or her addiction problem according to Drug Rehab North Peoria.  Even though 30-day treatment is easily far more affordable and requires less time away from work and from the family, it is inadequate time for recovery and barely time for cravings to wane and fall off.  It just isn’t enough time at all.

That being said it is now being strongly advised to those who live in North Peoria to go to rehab programs that last longer than thirty days.  Because the addiction problem in North Peoria is so bad and because those addicted there are so heavily addicted to their substances of choice then it becomes necessary to really give it your all in treatment for three months or more.  With a three month or longer program one actually stands a chance at beating their substance abuse problem once and for all.