This is a condition of the foot in which one or more of the metatarsal bones are abnormally shorter in size. This makes it appear visibly short and also causes pain.


It happens when the weight in the foot is disrupted unevenly due to deformity in the bone-structure. It occurs more commonly in young women than in men.

Its potential reasons for occurrence are trauma, infection or genetic defect.

Hurdles you face

It can give you trouble in walking, playing sport or doing any kind of physical movement. The uneven distribution in weight can give you discomfort that can become the part of your life. In addition to this, it leads to tendency of the foot to drift up making it hard to get into normal shoes. You may not necessarily face pain but the cosmetic shock leads to other set of agonies.


Treat your condition and live normally

  • This condition involves treatment with corrective shoes. Your foot specialist will assess whether your condition requires you a surgery or it can be treated with custom made shoes. These shoes are made with padding to bear weight evenly on the toes and the ball of the foot.
  • If your condition is not minor enough your Brachymetatarsia doctor may go for a surgery. One surgery is to lengthen the affected bone. In this surgery the metatarsal is shortened and moved to a better spot with bone graft. Screws and plates are attached to help fix the foot. A 3 month rest is required and use of crutches or knee scooter for that period is recommended. After this time period a special boot is given to be worn.
  • Another treatment which is fairly new involves the toe to be broken and a device is attached to it to help it grow back longer. Te device required to be moved everyday till the treatment ends.

To get your surgery or treatment see a specialist soon and live without any trouble