One common practice that most nootropics users do is that they cycle these “brain boosters” and have regular “off” periods to maintain the long-term effects of the products. However, most experienced mind supplement users disagree with this method.

            Remember that Nootropics are also called “smart drugs” that are also cognitive enhancers. These are mind supplements that can improve an individual’s certain cognitive functions, memory, creativity, and motivation. But what are the long-term effects of these products? Are these still safe in the long run?

Nootropics – Should It Be Cycled?

There are supplements that should be cycled and some of these are nootropics. But there are supplements that have stimulant properties. This is because it can boost catecholamine levels and affect the neuronal activity in the hippocampus. These stimulant-containing supplements usually have ingredients like caffeine, sulbutiamine, tyrosine, and so much more. These need to be cycled to prevent tolerance and reliance on the increased dosage in order to achieve the same level of physiological response.

            Genuine nootropics on the other hand like Neurostim and Neurochill doesn’t need to be cycled. This will provide better benefits once used continuously for longer periods of time. This is because of neuroplasticity or a neurophysiological phenomenon.

The Long-Term Effects of Nootropics

For Nootropics users, the long-term effect can on your performance level can be impressive. You will be able to experience how nootropics facilitate learning and recall. This will result in more learning and you will be able to appreciate the new you because you are able to achieve something that you thought was impossible to achieve.

            At the cellular and subcellular level, there are nootropics that can cause synaptogenesis or the formation of neural pathways and connections with the central nervous system. This occurs naturally which is also responsible for us learning new skills, reinforce existing skills and memories. This just means that by taking Nootropics like Neurochill continuously, the results can be surprising but impressive.

In the end, it is proven users who have tried using Nootropics for years that products like these can definitely change your life. It gives you benefits beyond what you expected. So it is better to use it continuously rather than trying to cycle it. Remember that the human brain is designed to learn. It depends on you on how to sustain it. Nootropics can help you with that. It is safe and effective at the same time.