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The hair inside our nose grows in this place to protect our immune system from external agents that are harmful such as dust, bacteria and toxins, among others. All of them do not get to enter our body thanks to these hairs that catch everything that enters our nose. Therefore, when it comes to shaving it is important to know how to do it correctly, because if we remove more hair than necessary, we could be leaving the immune system of our body unprotected.

How to remove the hairs from the nose with scissors

Before explaining this method, it is important that you do not use the first scissors that you find at home. Acquire special scissors that have a round tip and have been designed to trim the hairs from sensitive areas such as the nose and ears. Once you have this aesthetic tool, you just have to follow the next step by step:

  1. Take a hand mirror and look for the most illuminated area of the house to better see the hair that comes out of your nose.
  2. Before introducing the scissors in the nose, make sure they are clean to avoid any infection. You should also check that the utensil is well sharpened, otherwise it could complicate the task of cutting the hairs.
  3. Carefully put special scissors into the nostrils. Even if its tip is rounded, you could get punctured and hurt yourself if you do not use them with care.
  4. Lift your head up a little to get a better view of your nostrils.
  5. Cut only the hairs that protrude. If you cut all the nasal hair you could expose your body to the harmful agents that we have explained.
  6. When you have finished trimming all the hair that you saw on your nose, disinfect the scissors with a product that has antiseptic properties such as alcohol.

Nasal trimming to eliminate hairs – tips

Another effective way to remove the unsightly hairs that come out of your nose is by another device that you can buy at any store specializing in aesthetics: the trimmer. To use it correctly, it is recommended that you follow the advice that we present below:

  • There are two types of trimmers to trim both the hairs of the nose and other sensitive areas such as eyebrows and beards: electric and manual.
  • On the one hand, manual trimming has the advantage that it does not need batteries or plug it into the current. Also, if the vibrations bother you, this tool does not have any kind of vibration. However, you will need good lighting and a makeup mirror to use it, since both hands are needed to use it.
  • On the other hand, electric trimming has the disadvantage that it does need to be plugged into the light. However, this tool cuts the hairs of the nose more quickly and effectively. In addition, generally, they can be used with just one hand.
  • Whichever it is, you will have to lean back and carefully insert the prick in the nostrils to cut the hairs protruding from the nose. However, do not put it to the bottom, as you could cut more hair than necessary or pull a hair from the root, which can be very painful.
  • When you finish using the trimmer, rinse it with a little water to remove the hairs.

How to use tweezers to remove nasal hair

The last way to remove the hairs from the nasal area will be with the help of a pair of tweezers with a diagonal tip, since with normal ones it could be more complicated. Although it is a slightly painful method, it is the most effective, since it allows you to eliminate, one by one, the hairs that really protrude from your nose. To use the clamps correctly, follow the step by step:

  • Put yourself in front of the best illuminated mirror of your house to see better the hairs that you really want to eliminate.
  • Remember: choose to remove only those that protrude from the nose. The rest must remain to fulfill its protective function.
  • Hold the hair firmly with the tweezers and pull it tightly and quickly so that it does not hurt so much.
  • If you find it too painful, before using the forceps, you can try putting a piece of gauze in the nostrils for a minute. This way, you could reduce a little the pain of hair removal.
  • When you finish shaving, clean the tweezers either with an antiseptic product or with a little soap and water.

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Article Source: Tape Daily