These days, there are just about as many types of wicking clothing out there as there are types of sportswear and exercise apparel. From cycling jerseys to polo shirts and from baseball caps to long-sleeved T-shirts, practically all styles of clothing can be manufactured into moisture-wicking fabrics.

Surprisingly also, wicking clothing has now also gone on to include nightgowns for those women who experience night sweats during menopause. In spite of the many fabrications and uses of wicking clothing, they all basically have the one purpose, and that is to draw sweat and moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate on the surface of the garment and cool down the wearer.

Shirts are the Most Popular

In all probability, the most popular type of wicking clothing would be shirts, and this is simply because it is usual for the upper part of the body to become the sweatiest during any kind of exercise or playing of sports. Plus, the upper body is an area of the body that is more than likely to be dressed in the most layers of clothing. This is especially true for females who also usually wear bras or sports bras whilst working or exercising.

Due to this fact, there is an abundance of Skins clothing that have been specially designed for the upper body, including bras and sports bras, under shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, and long- sleeved shirts. In addition to the kinds of shirts and undergarments mentioned above, there are also outerwear items made of wicking fabric that have been designed and made for the upper body. A few of the most common types of wicking outerwear for the upper body are fleeces, sweatshirts, and jackets. These are designed to be worn by people who will be exercising or working in cool to cold weather.

Keeping the Skin Dry and Cool

Although the body needs insulation from cold weather, it is also of importance to draw any sweat away from the skin. This is vital for a couple of reasons: keeping the skin dry also stops the skin from becoming moist and somewhat uncomfortable, but it also keeps sweat from clinging to the skin and cooling or even freezing in extremely cold temperatures which could then go on to cause the wearer to become dangerously cold.

While wicking clothing for the upper body has become the most common, there are also leggings, long tights and shorts that are made out of wicking materials. These are usually designed for people interested in sport to wear during numerous forms of exercise. There are also, though, some kinds of wicking clothing that can be worn as a part of everyday casual attire and allow people to look professional while at the same time also stay as cool and comfortable as possible in hot and humid conditions.

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