On those days people tend to depend on nature for all their needs. They start and end up their day with the natural products. As days passed the habit of using natural products get transformed .People tend to move faster along with the rolling environment. In this faster world people start their day in a hurry to achieve the task meant for that day. Likewise technology is also giving its best to cope up with the hurry world. The part of technology in the lives of people has been on a long way that it has occupied the lives of people starting from the toothbrush to the slippers. Nowadays electric toothbrush has been getting more popular than normal toothbrush. There are many ways to analyze the uses of electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush .The electric toothbrush has been designed in such a way that it is used by all kinds of people. Some of the kids may not aware of how to brush their teeth and in that case this electric toothbrush plays a predominant role. It has special features that it possesses pressure sensor and timing alarm and it is easily chargeable. Many people using manual toothbrush would brush daily for few more minutes than normal time they were unaware that these will damage our enamel and causes damage to our teeth. But in case of electric toothbrush there was a timing alarm that intimates the user to stop brushing.

There are many things to be considered while manual brushing. Though it seems to be a small work a major risk lies in it and so taking care of small things while brushing means a lot. But that in case of electrical toothbrush the toothbrush itself is designed to take care of those things and is also easily portable as like manual toothbrush. Along with basic features some electric toothbrushes also provide care to the gums while brushing and it also has sensitive low speed brushing. This low speed brushing enhances the user to gently brush their teeth and helps to clean the gums properly. The electrical toothbrush also whitens the teeth while brushing. It also enhances deep clean and it also provides tongue cleaner. These electrical toothbrush works effectively as the toothbrush head can be changed as like the manual toothbrush and the battery of electrical toothbrush lasts for about two weeks. It can also be taken along with the user as it is highly durable and occupies less space than that of manual electric toothbrushes. These electrical toothbrushes will give us the confidence that all our teeth are protected. The electrical toothbrush is also available for kids. They are the ones who think brushing to be a bore task and they are not even aware of dental issues. Thus to provide a better dental care don’t compare electric toothbrush vs manual and just try to provide the best electric toothbrush that initiates a good beginning in the lives of the children.