Passed out

Parties and occasions seem incomplete without drinking and youngsters are crazy for it. Excess drinking triggers serious health issues which can be physical or psychological. Alcohol has diuretic nature and it removes water from the body causing dehydration. Upset stomach, dizziness, vomiting, and severe headache are the outcomes of alcohol if you drink until the point of intoxication. Acetylcysteine hangover, N-acetylcysteine, and vitamin C are effective medicines to avoid the symptoms and side effects of hangover, but one should stop the hand before getting too intoxicated. Here in the article, we are brining in the limelight the basic symptoms, natural remedies, and tips to prevent handover.

Symptoms of Hangover

Symptoms of hangover include anxiety, bloodshot eyes, dizziness, nausea, thirst, itching, and flatulence. Some patients complain about diarrhea and get light and sound sensitive. Body and muscle aches increase and the person feel restless and uncomfortable. Headache and trembling body don’t let the person focus on anything while mood swings irritating behavior overcome the patient. Irregular breathe, fits, unconsciousness, pale skin, and blue tinge are the severe signs of hangover which demand immediate treatment.

Causes of Hangover

Alcohol belongs to –OH group that readily reacts with water. Ethanol is the basic reason behind hangover pain. It chemically reacts with the body liquids and excretes out water from the body in the form of urination. Increased urination causes headache and dehydration. The other causes of hangover are as follows:

Upset Stomach: The consumption of alcohol requires more amount of acid and stomach consumes all the acid for this purpose. Upset stomach is the result of this sudden change and it leads to nausea, vomiting, and acidity.

Disturbed Sugar Level: Alcohol chemically reacts with body glucose that lows down the sugar level in blood. Low sugar level brings mental problems like moodiness, weakness, and disappointment. Similarly, excess drinking dilutes blood vessels and disturbs the normal blood flow.

Congeners: Aldehydes and esters are produced in a small amount during the fermentation process. They are also used in distilled drinks for aroma and taste. However, both trigger hangover pain and magnify its symptoms. Acetylcysteine hangover is used for decreasing the amount of aldehydes in the body.


  • N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) has amino nature and a form of amino acid cysteine. Take it 15-20 minutes before drinking to increase the amount of Gluthathione in the body as it significantly reduces alcoholic toxicity by boosting immune system.
  • Vitamin C is another effective substance that plays an important role in the production of Gluthathione. 1g of vitamin C tablets is an appropriate amount for the prevention of hangover pain. Lemon juice, oranges, and lime are naturally enriched with vitamin C.
  • Vitamin B1, minerals, and theanine are helpful in decreasing the symptoms of hangover. Drink excess water and non fizzy drinks to overcome dehydration problem.

Always choose a type of alcohol that causes minimal post-hangover problems as even N-aestylcysteine  fails in curing hangover pain that causes due to red wines, beer, and white wines. Vodka, whisky, and gin are the best forms of alcohol with negligible amount of by-products. Pick a drink form this category to enjoy a sound health.