Your body is of prime existence to your overall being. And, without a doubt, a healthy body is the greatest blessing. Your body is the vehicle that drives you and your passion for excellence and a better life. With a fully functional body, you can pursue your dreams and be active. Just like a vehicle requires fuel, your body requires fuel too. If you put in bad quality oil in your car, it’s performance will be affected. The same goes true for your body. That’s why you should always put in the right type of food in your body before, during, and after a workout for the best results.

If you follow my advice strictly, you will be able to maintain blood glucose levels during the workout, enhance your performance, and speed up your muscle recovery process after the workout. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and you will be able to notice your gains big time!

There aren’t any strict rules but you should try to incorporate the following in your before, during, and after the exercise activities. Also, read this blog if you’re interested in becoming a profound martial artist.

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Before you embark on a journey with your car, what do you do? The answer is simple. You fill up your car’s fuel tank. Why? Because it’s impossible to drive a car without fuel. The same goes true for your body. Your body requires energy to be able to engage in a strenuous workout activity.

Two hours before you start engaging in your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Boxing routine, simply drink lots of water. Hydration will allow your body to remain fresh during the workout. Moreover, you will also release sweat that will remove many toxins from your body. The good news is, you will also be able to cut down on many calories.

You must eat foods that contain healthy carbohydrates. Whole-grain cereals with low-fat or skim milk are very beneficial to the body. You can also eat brown rice, fruits or vegetables before the workout.

You must try and avoid saturated fats. You must also avoid protein as it’s difficult to digest and will be quite taxing on the oxygen supply to the muscles in your body. The food care aside, you must also dress according to the workout you are engaging in. Workout shorts and shirts will help to maximize your gains.


Water is life, it is very rightly said. During the workout, make sure that you regularly drink small amounts of water. Don’t drink a lot of water suddenly, that’s not advisable. However, small sips would do. Even if you’re not an athlete and work out for only a few minutes. Water must be your best friend during the duration.

There’s no need to eat during a workout. It’s always best to put in a pause between working out and engaging in a full meal. Or even a meal that’s on the medium side of things. However, if you’re working out for longer hours, make sure to eat around 50-100 calories of food items after every half an hour or so. Low-fat yogurt and bananas will be your best friends for this.


When you are done with the workout, it’s time to revitalize your body. A car, when it completes its journey, requires some more fuel to get going. The same goes true for your body.

Bless yourself with plenty of water. Feast on hand-squeezed orange juice to give carbohydrates to your body.

When you work out, know that you burn out tons of carbohydrates. It is only reasonable, therefore, to get some quantity back after the workout. You also need to intake some proteins for quick muscle recovery and prevention from cramps etc.

Our bodies are different and for certain pieces of training, the requirements may be slightly different. While these tips work out for most, it is best to talk to a nutritionist for proper support and health care.