A healthy and nutrient-rich diet is essential for an active modern day lifestyle. A balanced diet plan is no doubt the best way to stay fit and disease-free all the time. People look for balanced diet that can meet their requirements and lifestyle well. On this context, Paleo diet plan can indeed be a very good recommendation. Paleo diets are basically the nutritious diets that the ancient people were following. The diet plan suits perfectly to those who willing to shed fat or extra weight. Moreover, Paleo diet is always against the processed foods.

The following abstract is about the foods one will be enjoying through Paleo diet.


Fruits are the best sources one can have balanced amount sugar in his diet by them. Paleo diet plan always recommends consumption of natural fruits. The best part about fruits is that the sugar contents in case of natural fruits are way healthier than other synthesized commercially. Paleo diet recommends fruit and vegan diets for those whose sole intention is to lose weight. In general cases, one may take one to three cups of fruits regularly.


Protein based foods are the prime constituents the of daily Paleo diets. Inclusion of protein-rich diets is helpful for muscle building. Those who are more used-to with the grain based diets may find such protein rich replacements a little unconventional in early days. Paleo diet recommends around 6 ounces of proteins on a regular basis for a healthy body. It is recommended to keep red meat consumption at around three servings in a week through such diet plan.


Vegetables are the best sources for nutrients required for the human body. Humans have a great range of vegetable options to choose from, those are fiber rich. Paleo diets include the dishes prepared through the vegetables, which can fulfill the taste requirements, as well as can be nutritious. Especially, it recommends moderate usage of starchy vegetables for those who want to cut their lower belly fats. Being specific, the vegetables like sweet potato are recommended to be used moderately. Paleo diets recommend around two and half cups of vegetable intake every day.


It is here to mention that the Paleo diets never include grains. The prime reason behind such exclusion is due to their higher simple carbohydrate content. Foods those contain greater amount of simple carbohydrate portion get easily transformed in to sugar sources, in comparison with the complex carbohydrates. The concept is, more the time human body spends in sugar break down, the lesser emphasis it pays in burning fat. Moreover, higher simple carbohydrate consumption always involves greater threats of blood sugar. The rate of sugar generation through simple carbohydrate is also quite faster, which takes no time in entering the blood flow. Naturally, it becomes difficult to control the blood sugar amount, and the person suffers from diabetes.


In general Paleo diets recommend avoiding diary, though USDA recommends it. It may be a fact that dairy products are helpful in growth of babies, but, it doesn’t really help the completely grown adults. Moreover, Paleo diets don’t recommend inclusion of dairy as it causes a hike in Insulin, and there are many people in the world whose body doesn’t support lactose.