Exercises for Women

When we want to shape our body, there is a multitude of exercises. But do you really know how to choose a good exercise routine for women?

Get results with this exercise routine for women

Many people seek an aesthetic goal with their training. For example, looking slimmer and with more marked muscles under the skin.

In fact, many people make the mistake of thinking that they should only follow a balanced personalized diet and be physically active.

How to train effectively?

In this sense, the exercises that consume the most calories, and that will make us reach our goals more quickly are those that mobilize a lot of muscle mass. That is, they are the so-called multi-joint exercises.

In addition, to lose body fat and increase muscle mass, which is what will result in that definition so desired in the body, we must perform strength exercises with weight.

Forget about classic topics like taking weights is only for men. Or that you will get very big or masculine-looking when you do weights.

Nothing is further from reality. An exercise routine for women also includes weight training. Only in this way will you lose weight and define your muscles.

But beware! Previous learning of the exercise technique is always necessary. In addition, you must adapt the weight to your physical condition.

Example of an effective women’s workout routine

As we have mentioned, the key to achieving our goals is to have a good routine for women.

Next, we propose exercises that will make you work the whole body. In this way, you will achieve a high caloric expenditure and you will achieve your goal:

  • Squats: Legs hip-width apart, straight back, body weight on heels. Bring your hips back and down, flexing your knees, as if you were going to sit in a chair. In that position, keep your chest upright. And remember: catch air as you go down, release it as you go up and contract your glutes.
  • Split: one leg forward and the other behind the centerline of your body. With the back straight and the heel of the back leg rose. From there, bend both knees to form a 90º angle with both knees. The knee of the back leg does not need to touch the ground. Just like squatting, keep your torso upright and contract your glutes when climbing.
  • Plates: arms flexed and supported on the ground, straight back, and active abdomen. Hold the position while still breathing.
  • Push-ups: You can do them with your knees supported if you still don’t have the physical condition and pelvic lumbo stability necessary to do them with foot support. Keep the abdomen active throughout the exercise.

Combined exercises: another possibility in an exercise routine for women

In addition to the multi-joint exercises that we have already discussed, combined exercises will be a good option. In this way we will achieve an effective and complete exercise routine for women:

  • Squat + Row: Squat on the pulley with your arms outstretched and you’re back straight. When rising from the starting position, pull the bar towards your chest, bringing the shoulder blades together.
  • Plank + Jump: From the plank position with your arms extended, jump forward with your feet apart. From there, stand up energetically and jump up. When you fall, receive with the balls of your feet, bend down to put your hands on the ground, and then return to the plank position, jumping backward with your feet together. To do this exercise well, good control of pelvic stability and great abdominal activation is also necessary.
  • Split + military press: we combine the split exercise with a unilateral military press. When we extend the legs from the starting position, we raise the dumbbell above the head by extending the arm.

Finally, perform 10-12 repetitions of these exercises, at least 3 sets. You can do each one in series, leaving 1-minute rest between series, or in-circuit mode, going from one exercise to the next. In the latter case, leave 30 seconds between exercises and repeat the circuit 3 times. For more information visit here: http://www.vtight-gel.com