Human Body Temperature Detection System

Every single place on this planet is facing the same problem at the moment – The Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic became so serious, that people were quarantined almost everywhere around the world. The economy plummeted and it will take a long time to get back on its feet. Learn more on it here.

Thousands of people lost the battle with the virus already and the entire humanity is supposed to take care of each other if they want this menace to go away faster. Because of this, we need to do everything in our power to protect ourselves and the environment.

What needs to be done?

The World Health Organization published several recommendations about what must be done to protect ourselves. Some of the most important ones are wearing a mask, maintain social distancing, and washing our hands more often than usual.

The virus is transported in all possible ways. Through touch, air, and recently the scientists showed that it is airborne and can stay floating for more than usual. It was thought that the virus is too heavy and falls on the ground with the water droplets when we cough, but it seems like it can float for some time, making it dangerous for everyone.

Because of this, we must find other ways to protect the environment and ourselves. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure there are no infected people in our surroundings. People sick from the coronavirus must be isolated so they can rest and overcome the problem without infecting anyone else.

More often than not, these people are not aware that they are carriers of the disease. They are walking around and go to work without knowing that their contact with others means potential death.

However, there are certain ways to recognize who’s sick and who’s not. Probably the best one is to check everyone’s temperature. Higher body temperature is a sure sign that they are sick. One of the symptoms, aside from dry cough, tiredness, and chest pain, is the higher body temperature.

This is the body’s immune system trying to fight off the virus. That’s why it raises the body temperature in the try to kill the virus cells. With it, we can easily see that they are sick. See more on this here:

How to measure everyone’s temperature?

The simplest way to check everyone’s temperature is to use a standard thermometer and everyone on the premises to be checked. If you’re working in a company, it’s smart to check everyone’s temperature on the way in.

Checking everyone might take some time, though. If every person needs to stop for a couple of seconds so a person can measure them, then you’ll see a line of people waiting to get in. Of course, unless you have a small company of a couple of persons.

Working in a big building where thousands of people walk past every minute means you need a body detection system. This can also be used by public agencies and city official institutions that might install them on bus stops, train stations, and other places where a person can make an order.

Human Body Temperature Detection System

How does the body temperature detection system work?

Installing the body detection system is easy and simple. This system uses a standard CCTV camera that is equipped with a heat sensor and artificial intelligence. The sensor works just like any other sensor. This is not anything new or special. Just an old-fashioned technology that we’ve been aware of for years.

The real deal is the artificial intelligence. The AI-driven computer inside the system manages to do some really amazing stuff. The camera’s sensor can see everyone’s body temperature that walks under the objective. The AI software manages to track everyone’s face and be sure that the detection is focused on the right place.

Scanning this way gives perfect results. On the screen, the officials who control the process can see exactly what the temperature of every single person walking inside the premises is. If there is someone with a higher temperature, the system will alarm the officials who will ask from the security team to escort this person to a safe place.

A team of doctors will immediately assist them and check out if they are sick. This is for the best of everyone. These persons will receive treatment right away, and everyone inside the premises will stay safe.

Why is this best?

The capacity that these cameras carry with themselves and the convenience of the scanning makes them state of the art technology that nothing else can replace.

The best cameras out there need just two seconds to scan a person. They are capable of checking out some 2000 people every hour. The systems coming from are equipped with this kind of technology. Their cameras are perfect for large buildings.

People who walk in do not need to stop for a check. They don’t even need to know that their body temperature is being measured. Strategically placing the cameras so no person will be missed by the scanner will be just enough.

The work will flow without stopping, and luckily, there might be days without anyone being escorted. That means everyone’s healthy, and there’s no one put in danger at the specific facility.

Having a huge factory with hundreds of workers means that only one infected can turn the whole place into mayhem. This is why it’s so important to find any infected person in time before they manage to contaminate the area and infect more people. This is not just harmful to the lives of these people, but it will put the entire factory at hold, which means losing a tremendous amount of money.


The human body temperature detection system is the best way to prevent people from spreading the virus. It is excellent for big and medium companies where tons of people walk past. It is also excellent for public places where public authorities can’t make a proper check-up of the citizens.