If you’ve been involved in an RTA (road traffic accident) and sustained injuries through no fault of your own, make contact with UK Claim Lawyers asap. You could be entitled to claim compensation for a road accident or car crash. This will put your mind at ease especially if you have to take time off work and lose money. Read more interesting and useful information via the net to see what you have to do.

It won’t take long to fill out an online form to see how much compensation you might receive no matter whether your injury was to your:-

  • Head or neck
  • Shoulder or back
  • Arm, elbow, wrist, hand
  • Pelvis or hip
  • Knee, leg, ankle

Road Traffic Accidents

Solicitors have many years of experience behind them in the field of compensation claims and will do all they can to help you.

Successful claims

A successful claim can be made whether you were at fault or not. If you were partly to blame for the accident you could still have a case. All claims are no-win no-fee, so that’s good news. If your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny.

Injury claims are paid by the person who caused the accident or car crash via their insurance. In some cases negligent drivers may not have a valid car insurance policy or cannot be traced. There’s a government body, the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, which pays compensation to the victim of a road accident if the defendant cannot pay themselves. Road accident claims can be dealt with whether you were the driver of a vehicle, a passenger or a pedestrian in an accident involving:-

road accident claims

  1. A bus
  2. A motorbike
  3. A car
  4. A bicycle

There’s no doubt about it, if you were travelling in a car, either driving or a passenger, and have suffered whiplash for instance, it can take a long time to fully recover. Whiplash often results in stiffness, muscle spasms and lots of pain. You deserve compensation if you’re suffering, so make contact with the professionals.

road accident claims

Benefits of comprehensive accident management schemes

When it comes to comprehensive accident management schemes, there are many benefits in using online solicitors’ services. The following are a few of the benefits you can take advantage of in a non-fault RTA:-

  1. Your no claims bonus won’t be affected
  2. You will receive a like-for-like replacement vehicle
  3. Repairs to your own car can be carried out at a garage of your choice
  4. You’ll have no insurance excess to pay
  5. You can arrange to have your motor collected if this is preferable

claiming compensation

It’s always better to have legal experts on your side, so find out more about claiming compensation for road traffic accidents soon. If you have any questions, there’s always a friendly adviser waiting for your telephone call. He or she will explain in detail the steps to take and how you could benefit in the long run.