You won’t want to pick up any heavy weights while recovering from an injury. In addition, running is seen as an activity to work your way up to. Those who are recently injured will often have limited range of motion. Dealing with a personal injury can be a tough time in life. If you or someone you know is currently undergoing a personal injury, call Jim Leach. Here are four exercises to utilize when recovering from a personal injury.

Stretching – One of the most beneficial things that can be done for someone recovering from an injury is to stretch. You won’t want to start any sort of stretching without getting confirmation from a medical professional. Recovering from a personal injury involves going along at a pace that is comfortable for you. You never want to try and rush injury recovery, it can end up making the initial injury worse. Some have turned to light yoga to help them recovery from a recent injury. There have been many yoga techniques that specifically revolve around gaining mobility which makes yoga a great type of post-recovery exercise.

When walking, or taking up any other exercise in this post, the 10% rule is important to remember. This rule means that you only want to do 10% of the work that you used to before you were injured. By using the previously mentioned rule, you will stand a much lower risk of overexerting yourself too soon. In addition, starting out accomplishing 10% of what you normally did is a great starting point in which you can measure future progress. Walking can work especially well to help you recover from back injuries.

Aqua Therapy – If you are able to have access to water it can greatly aid in your recovery. Aqua therapy has been used to treat injuries and quicken recovery time for years. The act of moving in water, whether it be walking or swimming, helps to take pressure off of your sore muscles. In addition, being surrounded by water is a more relaxing environment and can help to get you moving again, if only for a small amount of time. Certain injury recovery methods could even have you lightly swimming.

Light Weightlifting – This might sound out of place compared to the other items in this post. However, light strength training can be necessary when a personal injury has had you bedridden for long amounts of time. When the body continues to stay in this forced state of rest, muscles will start to become weaker and decayed from lack of use. Of course, weight training will likely only be included towards the end of your rehabilitation process. In the beginning, it is more important to establish a slow pace to starting recovery efforts.

In closing, exercising is one of the best things you can do to recover from an injury. Of course, the time to start exercising is best determined by a medical professional. Stretching isn’t just good for recovery, it can also help relieve post-injury pain. Walking is an activity you may have to work up to. However, even the shortest of walks work well to aid in recovery. Getting into the water can help to relieve sore and inflamed muscles. Eventually, you might find that weight training becomes a part of your recovery. Personal injuries are something that you can’t control. However, you can control who represents your injury case. Please give us a call and speak with a trained professional.