In the last five years, peptides have increasingly become popular in fitness and bodybuilding. Synthetically produced peptides are complete peptides which have been used for muscle enhancement for more than five decades with producers such as HubioPharm increasing production and availability. These peptides replicate or assume the role of certain hormones in the body or trigger some effects. Let’s have a look at some of the most commonly used peptides and how effective they are in bodybuilding.

What is a GHRP-6 Peptide?

This is an abbreviation of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide, which is a compound found in the Growth Factor family called GH Secratagogue and Hexapeptide. GHRP-6 has a very strong effect towards the release of the naturally produced human growth hormone.

It has been employed in the treatment of the growth hormone deficiencies especially in young adults and children, which explains why this compound is powerful at triggering the body to produce natural GH. This peptide achieves this function by triggering secretion of GH by pituitary gland. Additionally, it also suppresses Somatostatin – an anti-GH releasing hormone (GHRH).

What can you gain from GHRP-6?

Obviously, increase in GH level is desirable for anyone who need to enhance their physique, strengthening joints by synthesis of connective tissues and increase in bone mass density.  Increased amount of GH also enhances immune response especially for those are getting older. Apart from these benefits, this compound also has several benefits, including for anti-aging and bodybuilding.

If taken for the purpose of anti-aging, GHRP-6 is dosed singly prior to bed time. For this purpose, users are reported to experience the best night sleep they haven’t experienced for long. Since release of GH takes place when one is in dreams, GHRP-6 kind of “forces” you to dream.

If using it for bodybuilding, multiple administration of GHRP-6 in a day gives better results. But it should be under prescription or supervision. Studies reveal that the body can release a substantial amount of GH from only 100mcg (Saturation dose) administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Higher dosage can be up to 500mcg within a single shot, but do note that double the dosage does not necessarily mean double production of GH. This is because amount of GH produced is not directly proportional to amount of administered GHRP-6. GH production diminishes as the dosage increases further.

Are there side effects of usage?

There will be side effects once release of GH begins such as water retention and numbing of arms and hands especially during the night. GHRP-6 also has hunger triggering effect due to the capability of mimicking Ghrelin (hormone that makes the stomach growl as well as induce the urge to eat more).

Definitely, ravenous hunger is not something that you would want when in a diet phase. As such, you might want to swap GHRP-6 with GHRP-2. This is yet another compound that induces GH secretion, but seems less effective as compared to GHRP-6 and does not induce hunger. However, during off-season, hunger can become a bodybuilder’s best companion, so you might want to solely use GHRP-6 if that’s the effect you need to achieve.

Guidelines to administering GHRP-6

Since this peptide influences the natural secretion of GH, the rules of its administration are rather similar to that of administering GH, that is, don’t administer a dose within 2 hour period after your meal.  You also should wait for at least 30 minutes after dose intake before having a meal. GHRP-6 peptides are readily available online from manufacturers such as HubioPharm.