kidney stone

Most of us do suffer from the kidney stones. It is one of the health issues that create lots of problems in the body. Abdominal pain and problem during urination are some of the symptoms that indicate that you are suffering from kidney stones. These stones may originate in the cortex or in the medulla region of the kidney. They are caused due to the accumulation of the toxic materials like the urea and other substances that are not able to pass through the nephrons in the kidney. When you have less number of stones in the kidney, it will not harm you. But, when the number increases, it can cause great toll.

Colique nephretique is the type of pain that is generally caused due to the kidney stones. The stones are mainly the crystals that are formed by the chemicals present in the urine. They are caused as urine is having more chemicals that accumulate in the kidney without being flushed out. These stones may block the passage of urine creating pain if it flows down to the urinary tract.

Many people can suffer from the kidney stones; men above the age of 20 years do suffer from the kidney stones, mainly the calcium stones. You can have more than one stone in the kidney and they again relapse after getting cured. If you are under good treatment, you can minimize the effects and these stones can be managed without complications.

Some of the symptoms of renal colic are pain in the back region, blood in the urine, fever, chills in the body, abnormal color of the urine and nausea. Even some of the patients do explained that they have suffered a lot for the kidney stones.

Treatment for the calcul renal depends on the type of stones that you are having and size of the crystals. The small stones get out from the body easily but the larger stones require operation. The doctor describes the medicines depending upon the chemical composition of the stones. Thus, when you feel pain in the abdominal region and pain while urination, you should definitely consult the doctor.