If you are here, it is probably because you would like to have a narrow waistline like the Kardashians, or more classical stars like the young Audrey Hepburn. Since the Medieval Ages, a tiny waist has been a sign of beauty and youth. Even mothers used girdles and corsets just to achieve a “girly figure”. But how do waist trainers work? Do they work? Will they work alone without any special diets or exercises?

Sometimes they do

most waist trainer companies tend to overpromise by saying that you can get a tiny waist just by wearing their waist trainers for a specific number of hours in a day, every day. Of course, a fraction of that may be true. Compared to not wearing any waist trainer at all, you can probably control the girth of your abdomen by one or two inches. For some, this is already a big deal.

But how do they work?

Just how do waist trainers work? These slimming contraptions work by controlling your flesh and your ligaments the same way very firm skin would control your insides. In time, your body would “learn” to take on only the shape your waist trainer wishes you to achieve. Does is result to a slimmer figure? That would be a yes and a no. For certain, you would be able to achieve a narrower waist, but your excess fat will go to other parts of your body like your buttocks or your thighs. Sometimes, fat is distributed to your arms and your breasts.

Is this what you would like to achieve?

For those who are asking “how do waist trainers work?”, it is important to remember that waist trainers are there to contour your body to an hourglass figure. It is not necessarily used to achieve a slimmer body. Some may claim that wearing waist trainers helped them control their food intake, thus indirectly contributing to weight loss. However, in itself, it is not really designed for weight loss. In fact, getting too thin might even go against the perfect, voluptuous hourglass you might be aiming for by using this product.

How can exercise help?

Certainly, core exercises would help to eliminate body fat while forming strong muscles which would make for a strong, sculpted abs. This means that even without wearing the waist trainer in the long run, you can enjoy a permanent (as long as you exercise and maintain a low-fat diet) rock hard body. There are some misconceptions that exercise and waist training do not really go hand-in-hand. Contrary to that information, some waist trainers are designed for exercise. The key is in finding the right fit because the wrong waist trainer can cut off your circulation, or make it hard for your body to build the proper core muscles.

Can diets help?

It always does. The less sweets and fatty food you eat, the leaner you become. This means that your abdomen would be more malleable and would be easier to “train”. For those who are wondering how waist trainer’s work, though, it won’t make your waist smaller the same way starving yourselves would. It can do better. It will help you retain healthy, sexy curves while keeping your mid-portion substantially smaller.

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