As a result of the benefits and gains attached to the consumption of Shakeology, many people from all over the globe are interested to give it a try. However, people ask different questions on how they can get Shakeology, how to make use of it, the ingredients that make up the Shakeology, etc. Apart from these questions, another question that is asked regularly is how much Shakeology costs. Before answering that question, we would briefly discuss what Shakeology is all about.

Shakeology is a meal replacement shake and a weight loss supplement that ensures weight loss in a short period of time. The shake is very healthy and natural as it helps improve the health of the body. The food ingredients found in Shakeology are regarded as super foods, as they are highly nourishing. Before coming to the cost of purchasing Shakeology, it should be known that Shakeology is not available in stores. So it can only be gotten via the internet. And when one wants to buy from the internet, he would find that Shakeology is offered at discounted prices. Furthermore, when one is a member of the beachbody club, he would be offered Shakeology at a lower price.

The retail cost of Shakeology is $129.95. It should also be noted that when one buys Shakeology with the monthly autoship program, he can get $2 worth of sipping plus a free canister or shaker. To get Shakeology at a lower price, one can join the beachbody club or can acquire the Shakeology coach membership. People in these clubs are privileged to purchase Shakeology at lower prices as compared to other individuals. They are given discounts and coupons.

Apart from these, some other benefits are also attached to buying Shakeology as a Shakeology club member. For example, club members can save $13 whenever they purchase Shakeology. Aside from that, they get 10% discount on the purchase of any other beachbody product. Shakeology costs $129.95 for regular customers; but coaches can purchase it for only $97.46. Hence if a coach purchases Shakeology every month, he would save $32.5. Club members, on the other hand, would have to purchase Shakeology for $116.95.

The price of Shakeology is quite cheap though many people feel otherwise. This is mostly because they have to make an upfront payment. However, if one calculates the amount he spends on breakfast in a month or the amount he spends on snacks to satisfy his hunger, he would know that Shakeology is not expensive as he has always thought of it. It is more economical to buy Shakeology than to get healthy ingredients that contain minerals, vitamins, proteins and the likes. Considering the amount that would be spent on them in a month with the amount spent on Shakeology, it will be evident that Shakeology is not expensive. Furthermore, one can get them at discounted prices via the internet.

There isn’t really a fixed cost for purchasing Shakeology. The common retail price is $129 for normal customers although the members and coaches of the beachbody club get it at a lower price.