A lot of patients that undergo a hair transplant procedure are concerned about their physical activity routine specially the ones that live and active lifestyle. They often ask questions like when can I go back to gym and start exercising? When can I start swimming again? Which are perfect questions that need to be answered?

Before starting answering these questions, one must know that the success of the hair transplant operation is related to the skills and experience of the surgeon performing the operation. So, make sure you choose a skilled surgeon which you can trust. Most experienced hair transplant surgeons are located in Turkey. They perform on daily basis and have been practicing hair transplant since 1990s with FUT and then FUE techniques.  You can always ask for the help of well-known clinics in Istanbul such as MCAN Health which will guide you through every step of your journey.

Now that you found your trusted surgeon, does it stop there to get a successful hair transplant?
The answer Is NO.

The success of your FUE hair transplant procedure does not completely rely on the skills of your surgeon, in fact a large part of its success comes from carefully following up your after-care instruction specially when it comes to physical activities.

As far as you are concerned, you can practice light activities such as walking after 3 days from the FUE hair transplant operation. However, mild exercising such as jogging should not be practiced before 2 weeks post the operation.  You should completely avoid strenuous activities such as weight lifting, push-ups, sit-ups …etc. for a month in order to avoid the possibility of increased heart rate which will raise your blood pressure which may cause excessive bleeding which will dislocate your transplanted hair. Besides for two weeks, any activity that causes sweating is not recommended.

After 15 days, you can start jogging and after one month you can go back to your fitness program.

As for swimming, it is better for the patient to avoid it for about 2 weeks. The first issue is because the pool is chlorinated and chlorine can damage your grafts.  For the ocean, salty water might be good for healing, HOWEVER, the sea or ocean is not as clean as it used to be like in the old days and can cause infection instead of healing so that’s why it’s better to stop swimming all together for the first two weeks and wait until the healing process is completed.

After one month, a patient is able to go back to his pre-operation routine without any problems.  Remember Stay healthy from inside out as your transplanted hair depends on it.