Drug addiction is prevailing in the society quite steadily. Although the institutions are making hard efforts to control drug addiction by regularly performing saliva drug tests on the employees, staff and students, still the problem is not getting in control.

Where people think that the drug addicts are out of hope and there is no way they are going to get better, there is a still a chance for the drug addicts to come back to life where they can live as a strong and sensible citizen of the society.

Putting the addicts in jail is certainly not the answer for treating such people. It is better to help them by getting the addicts the treatment they need. This will not only be beneficial for the drug addict himself and his family, but it will also be great for the society as well.

How Treatment of Drug Addicts is better than Jail?

Treatment of drug addicts is better than putting the people in jail because of a disease. Yes, addiction is a disease which affects the human brain and cripples it and so the addicts are unable to make good decisions and clear judgements. Putting the addicts in jail because of this problem is not the solution.

Below are given the reasons why it is better to treat the drug addicts instead of putting them in jail:

  1. Treatment helps the addicts get better:

Putting the addicts in jail does not help them in any way. Once they get out of jail, they are going to fall back for the drugs because their problem is not solved and they are facing the same difficulties in life which make them addicts in the first place. On the other hand, if addicts are treated, they can be made better which is good for the addict himself, his family and the society in the long run as well.

  1. They will be made better citizens:

Where drug addiction have made them criminals, its treatment can help them to be better citizens of the society. Jail is just holding them and not transforming them whoever with the treatment, they can be transformed into some person the society needs.

  1. Drug addiction is eradicated:

By treating the patients and addicts, drug addiction can slowly and steadily be eradicated from the society whereas imprisoning them will only hold this problem for some time.