Probably one of the biggest complaints that clients have about personal trainers is the how incompatible they are. While not everyone will be paired perfectly with the personal trainer or client of their dreams, it’s important that the personalities are compatible in some way. Here are some traits that clients look for when it comes to the search for the perfect personal trainer.

  • Education. A client wants a personal trainer who knows their stuff and knows what they are talking about. Remember that a client is hiring you for your knowledge in field. If you are stumbling over your workout for them or forgetting to tell them important facts, it’s not a great impression and can lead to you losing clients in the future. Make sure to be on top of your education and continue to learn about the newest health trends even after earning your certification.
  • Patience. Personal trainers immerse themselves into this field and at times forget that not everyone will know everything like them. There should a comfortable pace that a personal trainer creates with his client so the client feels comfortable and most of all understands why he’s doing a certain workout or exercise. It’s not always the end result that’s important, it’s the journey that the client and trainer takes on together to achieve the result.
  • Maintaining professionalism. It’s great to want to create bonds with your clients, but you also need to still be profession at the end of the day. Exemplary customer service is ideal especially since you are working in a hospitality profession. Also make sure to stay focused on your client during the session, don’t socialize with other trainers or other clients. The focus you give to your client will help them stay motivated and will display that you actually care about their well-being rather than just a payment.
  • Communication and availability. Sometimes you may not be there for a session but that doesn’t mean you leave your client alone to figure everything out. You need to game plan in advance and make sure they understand what they need to do while you are not around. Also being available when your client needs to someone to talk to about their health struggles is a great trait to have as well. It doesn’t mean you spend copious amounts of time on the phone with them but being able to answer their phone call and address their issues will put them ease and have them come to realization they can count on you.

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