Ever wonder how people who rarely gym or work out stay in shape? It’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when work and life takes up so much of your time, but, if you can’t compromise on certain aspects of your life, why not get two birds with one stone and exercise while fulfilling some of your other duties or partaking in a hobby?

Much of your health hinges on your healthy diet; so, if you’re struggling to manage your health and your free time, make sure you’re at least eating healthy and you’ll see your alternative exercising methods making a real difference sooner than you think!

This doesn’t mean you could get by without any lifestyle changes, however. If you don’t have time to exercise, then you’re faced with two choices: either accept your less healthy lifestyle, which no one wants to do, or change things up a bit.

Swap out watching a movie every night with dancing to some music instead (in a class or in the mirror, whatever works for you) and, voilà, you’re heartrate is elevated – you’re exercising!  You’ll certainly eliminate a few health risks and qualify for affordable medical aid cover easily! Compare a few medical aid quotes to find out how the benefits of exercising weigh up.

Here’s how you can try to improve your healthy lifestyle in more ways:

  • Replace your office chair with a yoga ball
    Sitting at a desk, slouched in an office chair will only worsen your posture. Using a yoga ball (even if it’s uncomfortable at first) works on your posture and strengthens your core. It also helps with lumbar support, which we often forget about!
  • Find an excuse to walk wherever you go
    Take your dog for a jog, walk to the store and take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you can get a trampoline, do so!
  • Exercise in any shape or form
    If you find yourself out of breath after cleaning your apartment floors, then that must have been a pretty good work out, too. Do a few jump and jacks outside after you hang the clothes up and have a good stretch in the kitchen while the kettle is boiling. Doing as much as you can whenever you can will also keep you wide awake and concentrating throughout the day!

Ultimately it all comes down to swapping out your attitude for a more active one – whatever you’re doing, you can make it a little bit of a work out and you’ll be much better off for it without having to spend time at the gym!

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