Although many people switch from smoking regular tobacco to electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking, making the switch can also help you save money. The cost of tobacco cigarettes keeps rising, mainly in part to the additional taxes added to their costs to discourage people from smoking. People who smoke, or vape, electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, don’t have the same issue and can save hundreds of pounds per year by switching to e-cigs.

Buying Starter Kits

Although the initial costs to get started vaping can seem high, when you realise how much money you will save by switching to electronic cigarettes, the cost of a starter kit won’t seem so expensive. Most companies sell starter kits that include the electronic cigarette, cartridges with e-liquid, a plug-in charger, and a wireless or USB charger. There are different sized kits, and you can save money by buying a smaller one to help you get started smoking e-cigarettes.

A full kit may cost up to £60, but if you were to purchase each item in the kit separately, it would cost significantly more. To determine whether you like vaping, you may want to buy a smaller kit at www.nucig.co.uk. Then you can buy any additional items you might you need separately. You can purchase disposable e-cigs from some websites for as little as £5 to try out smoking e-cigarettes.

Cartridges versus Cigarette Pack

Another way you can save money vaping is through the cartridges used in e-cigs. A cartridge, which is filled with the e-liquid that produces the smoke-like vapour, is equivalent to buying an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes. However, a cartridge is much less expensive and, if you purchase refillable cartridges, you can save even more money. A cartridge costs approximately £10 for a small package of five cartridges. You can also buy cartridges in packs of 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200, depending on the manufacturer of the e-cigarettes.

With one cartridge being the same as 20 cigarettes, the small pack of five cartridges is the same as at least 100 cigarettes, but the cost is far less than five packages of cigarettes. You will experience saving money almost as soon as you make the switch to electronic cigarettes, and you won’t be endangering your health as you would by smoking tobacco cigarettes. In that way, you are experiencing a different kind of savings because you won’t have to worry about needing treatment for the various diseases smoking tobacco can cause.

Refilling Cartridges

Another way to save money is to purchase refillable cartridges to use for your electronic cigarette and purchase e-liquid with which to fill the cartridges. Doing this will reduce the costs of vaping even further, as e-liquids are very inexpensive in comparison to disposable cartridges and tobacco cigarettes. Most manufacturers package e-liquid in 20-millilitre bottles that increase in increments of 20 ml. So, you may be able to purchase a 20ml, 40ml, 60ml, or 80ml bottle of your favourite e-liquid to refill your cartridges.


A 20ml bottle of e-liquid is equal to approximately 400 cigarettes, depending on how often and how much you smoke. At about £10 per bottle, that is a huge savings when you consider that you will spend the same amount on one pack of tobacco cigarettes, if not more. Refilling your cartridges will also provide a significant savings over buying disposable cartridges, and it is easy to learn how to refill cartridges.

E-liquid Varieties

Another advantage to refilling cartridges is that it allows you to try out different flavours of e-liquid. While you can find traditional tobacco flavoured e-liquids, there are also hundreds of other choices you will find online. E-liquid flavours include everything from drink flavours, since as coffee flavours or spirit flavours, to dessert, candy, or fruit flavours as well. In addition, e-liquids come in varying levels of nicotine.

Many people switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes to stop smoking altogether, and one of the best ways to do that is to wean yourself from nicotine. The most addictive additive in cigarettes is nicotine, and you can step down the level of nicotine you smoke when you vape with an electronic cigarette. Many makers of e-liquids offer nicotine levels as high as 26 milligrams of nicotine, which is roughly equal to the amount of nicotine in a Marlboro Red cigarette, and you can gradually step down until you are smoking e-liquids that have no nicotine in them whatsoever.

E-liquids are safe to use and are made with some of the same ingredients used in different food products. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that contain over 4,000 different chemicals, including 43 known to cause cancer, e-liquids are primarily made from non-toxic vegetable-based or flavour carriers used in other food products. Vaping is a much healthier choice if you do want to continue smoking, as well as much cheaper.

Experience a Healthier Life

Electronic cigarettes have not been linked to any major diseases like tobacco has been, so you won’t have to worry about being taking medications or breathing treatments for diseases like COPD, emphysema, or having cancer treatments to help fight lung cancer. In addition, there are no second-hand smoke risks, so you can smoke e-cigs in public without worrying that you could make someone else sick. By smoking e-cigs, you can eventually stop smoking altogether, which means you will save even more of your hard-earned money.

While you can buy electronic cigarettes and accessories in shops, you will get a better choice by purchasing electronic cigarette kits, cartridges, and e-liquids online. Shops that carry e-cigs, e-liquids, and other accessories only have so much shelf space, and they will mark up the price of these items because they have to make a profit to keep their doors open. By going online, you will find a much greater selection of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette supplies, and accessories, plus you will save money by making your purchases online. If you want a healthier smoking alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, you should try vaping.