Immigration medical exam

If you are willing to move out from Canada no matter for business or for studies, it is essential that you undergo a medical examination. The immigration exam is the basic need to get the visa approved. There are certain certified doctors also referred to as panel doctors or physicians who are entitled to conduct the examination. During the examination certain tests are conducted which include a physical examination, blood test, urine test and X-ray of the chest.  You can get this examination done from the top rated panel physicians in north york, Toronto, Ontario. These physicians will conduct the test and will directly mail your reports to the concerned authorities of the country you are willing to go.

Essentials to take for getting the examination done

The first important thing is to take an appointment with the doctor. There are some documents that you need to take with you when going for the examination. These include a photo ID issued by the government, prescription medications, essential medical reports and official documents received from the immigration services, Canada. After the documents are verified, the tests are conducted and you are provided the reports most probably in 5-10 days.

Necessity of the examination

Most of the countries get this examination done in order to prevent any person suffering from a rare disease to enter their country and affect their citizens as well.  If the candidates have any medical history, they are asked to submit all the essential documents associated with the disease so as to prove that you are perfectly cured. Your diagnosis, prescription, duration of the treatment and the medicines prescribed will be checked and if everything is fine, you will be granted permission.

The examination can be taken anytime. There are no specifics regarding the same like you can eat anything before the tests are done etc.a