Smile Makeover

Dental makeovers are the recent addition to style statements of several celebrities. You might also find many of your friends who are opting for such makeovers. Smile makeovers are simple techniques that give a new look to your smile. But can everyone go for such a transformation? Such makeovers depend on a number of parameters, and you need to consider all of them if you want a dental makeover.

Your dental health

Smile makeover will involve veneers, crowns and also whitening. However, you need to consider the health of the teeth before going for such procedures. You need to check that every tooth and check for the development of cavities in them. This step is important because cavities can make the process of whitening uncomfortable for you. The best way to check your tooth health is X rays, OPD and other related examinations.

The arrangement of your teeth-bite

Your bite is also an important consideration before you go for the makeover. If you develop deep bites, worn dentitions, or edge to edge bites, then such bites might prove to be difficult for restoration. The arrangement of your teeth has to be proper. Your severely worn teeth are reflective of your bad biting habits, which can take a toll on the new teeth as well. To have a proper bite, it is important that you wear a brace or a nightguard to preserve your smile.

Your teeth color

The color of your teeth is matched during the process of crowning, veneers or fillings. This is done to maintain the natural look of the teeth. Therefore, if you do not like your teeth’ color, it is important that you go for teeth whitening prior to smile makeovers. You decide upon a particular shade and work your way to it. Additionally, if you go for prior whitening, you do not have to do it again during the dental makeover.

Your gum health

The longevity of your teeth is determined by the health of your gums and the bones underlying it. If you suffer from periodontal diseases, your teeth might become sensitive, loose, decayed in parts and prone to infection. In such conditions, you will not be able to opt for a dental makeover, as such an attempt will be temporary and deteriorate fast. You might need to get rid of broken or decayed teeth or gum parts before you get a new smile.

Smile makeovers are the latest craze in the fashion world, but you need to ensure a healthy dental scenario to get such treatments.