Botanical Innovations

Botanical Innovations Unlock the Natural Secrets in Plants

Humans started using plants to help them get through the physical and mental challenges of life centuries ago. Our ancestors didn’t have a name for the science they discovered. However, the ancient Greeks came up with the word botanē (or pasture) to describe what they later called botanikos (or “herbs”). These plants helped them keep their bodies and minds active and alert.

Today, botanicals describe the natural herbal ingredients used to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Botanical innovations—or the enhancement in understanding the natural compounds in herbs through biotechnology—opened the door for Herbalife to develop products that help people experience life in a health-inspired way.

The natural compounds in plants like sugar, amino acids, fatty acids, and nucleic acids are the primary phenolic compounds. The secondary phenolic compounds include flavonoids, hydroxycinnamic acids, hydroxybenzoic acids, and Stilbenes. Plants produce these compounds so that they can adapt to the changing climate conditions that include floods, heat, cold, drought, and nutritional distress. Plants can also synthesize phenolic compounds, which produce flavorful ingredients for food and drinks.

For more than forty years, Herbalife has been committed to the quality of its products. They’ve invested millions into their sourcing, research, manufacturing, and testing practices for the millions of customers who take their products every day. Using innovative DNA technology, they test every botanical ingredient for authenticity before they get processed. They do this to develop their products, including dietary supplements, aloe drinks, meal replacement shakes, and tea.

Herbalife Nutrition Sources Its Botanical Ingredients from Trusted Suppliers

The demand for quality botanicals continues to increase as more people look to invest in their health and wellness. Adulteration is commonplace in the supplements industry, where inferior botanical ingredients might be sold and used to produce cheaper products.

Herbalife Nutrition goes the extra mile to verify the natural ingredients in their shakes, tea, and other supplement products. Herbalife’s quality assurance team uses forensic biotechnology to authenticate the ingredients the company uses in its products. The forensic biotechnology used by the quality assurance team includes conducting molecular diagnostic tests as well as extracting plant DNA.

Keeping the same molecular structure in ingredients keeps the final product safe from the free radicals that lurk in food and drinks that don’t go through what the NHP Research Alliance calls its new verification standards. The NHP Research Alliance is a group of industry partners focused on setting the standards of quality in the supplements industry. The alliance employs molecular diagnostic tools that can tackle major botanical ingredient issues that compromise the effectiveness of drink and food products.

Herbalife Nutrition Sets The Standards For Transparency in Plant DNA Testing

Herbalife’s “Seed to Feed” program ensures that only quality ingredients from dedicated manufacturing sources go through a multi-testing regime. Once the ingredients reach Herbalife’s specifically designed storage facilities, the company makes sure those ingredients maintain the quality standards outlined by the NHP Alliance.

Using quality ingredients in Formula 1 shakes and Herbalife Nutrition’s teas is not a new idea. Herbalife’s four-decade track record proves only quality ingredients reach its massive client base. Adding another level of botanical authentication to its quality assurance program gives Herbalife’s customers the confidence they need to continue calling Herbalife’s products the gold standard. Herbalife Nutrition uses modern technology to maintain its position as an innovative and integral part of the natural botanical sourcing and development industry.