Your teeth are as important as any other part or organ of your body. You cannot overlook the fact that teeth can be really painful and annoying once they get injured or diseased. You need to take steps that ensure your teeth always stay in proper shape. Here a day today dental check-up would be important because these check-ups help keep both your teeth and gums healthy. You must take a dentist visit every six months and even more often as per the advice of your dentist specialist.

Proper check-ups

Once you look around for the dentists, you will come across the Best dentist in Mumbai or in your city. There are 2 segments to a regular dental visit. These segments are like check-up, or examination and cleaning, or oral prophylaxis.

During the dental check-up the dental professional is going to check for cavities. X-rays may be taken to notice cavities between your teeth. The examination would also encompass a check for tartar and plaque on your teeth. Talking about plaque, it is a clear, gluey layer of bacteria. In case it is not removed, it can turn out to be really hard and become tartar. One cannot remove tartar with simple brushing and flossing. In case plaque and tartar construct up on teeth, these can cause oral ailments.

Once it is done then your gums would be examined. It will be done with the help of a special tool to gage the depth of spaces between your gums and teeth. Once you have healthy gums, the spaces stay shallow. If any person has gum disease, the spaces might turn out to be deeper. Similarly, some of the dentist check-ups even include a proper examination of your tongue, face, throat, head, and neck. It would be signs of issues- swelling, redness, or even mild signs of cancer.

Once you have met your professional dentist, the visit would get you cleanliness and effectivity. Your teeth would also be cleaned at your visit. Flossingand brushing help in cleaning the plaque from the teeth, but if you think that you would remove tartar at home then it is not possible. During the cleaning time, your dental professional makes use of special dental tools to eradicate tartar. It is known as scaling. These dentists not just have the expertise and professional skills but also know how to use a dental tool for effective cleanliness and oral health.


Once your teeth are scaled, these might be polished. In most of the instances, a gritty paste gets used for this. It is helpful in removing any surface stains on your teeth. The eventual step would be flossing. Your dental professional is going to make use of floss to ensure the areas between your teeth are spotless and clean. They inspect all the teeth and pay proper attention to the gums and the areas having gaps. The purpose is to ensure your mouth is a safe place for your teeth and gums!


Thus, it gets crucial to see your dentist at least once in six months. You can afford an hour for your teeth right?