Natural Cure for Yeast Infection

There are many natural cures for yeast infections. Some work and some don’t we are going to try to give you some home remedies that work. Most people have heard of the yogurt remedy. There are two types of yogurt treatments; you can reduce the risk of the yeast infections by eating a lot of yogurt because it has active cultures that will reduce your risk of getting a yeast infection. But there is another way that we just learned about and while some women may not believe this it in fact is a remedy for vaginal yeast infections. This may sound weird but we have seen this remedy post on the net and thought we would share it.

First you need plain yogurt, no fruit at all. Then you need some tampons, you may be getting the idea already. Put some yogurt on the tampon and insert the tampon. This is said to work because the same active cultures that we told you to eat to avoid an infection will now help in another way. Plus the coldness of the yogurt will ease the burning and the bacteria from the yogurt will kill the bad bacterium that has built up.

Try doing this once or twice a day will ease the burning and can help fight off the bad bacteria. You still need to see a doctor, this cannot be your only means of treatment, and it is a temporary fix which can become a bigger problem if not treated. Another home natural cure is the infamous apple cider vinegar, water and garlic mixture. This is a topical cure that works around the rash and soothes the burning.

There are Boric Acid suppositories; Boric Acid has an antiseptic and an antifungal property. It is said to work but if you can’t get to the store use boric acid powder and water and then apply to the vaginal area. This is said to kill bacteria as well as soothe the burning and itching. There are other natural cures like herbs, for example Acidophilus and Black Walnut. Vitamin A is said to help fight infections. There are other products on the market that claim to be natural but have chemical ingredients.

If you are not sure about the remedies we gave you then you can try any others you have heard about. What we recommend is that you call your doctor at the first sign of a yeast infection. Here is another solution that I recommended you read yeast infection no more ebook.