Public space investments should come from the quality-wise materials – exactly the mantra of the best fitness equipment provider Norwell Outdoor Fitness. We are top when it comes to the design and function, quality and safety, and social benefits.

What We Are

From juniors to adults, we are the number one provider of outdoor fitness equipment design and development. We are vivid in every detail of our work, which may range from high usability and functionality level to ensure the users’ maximum benefits down to the aesthetic Danish Design. We only aim for ease in lacing in any type of environment.

We give importance to the social benefits in our fitness park. Our objective is to make the park a meeting center for all through health improvement, fun fitness, and integration.

Our Products

Norwell products are specifically designed for adults and juniors. The curve, the main element of our product design, creates construction transparency and lightness combining with our colour scheme options. Such is the very factor that makes our park appropriate no matter the kind of environment.


We offer products for adult exercises, kids exercises, for special needs, and for seniors.

Adult Exercises – The adult fitness line caters adults ages 13 and up. Each of our stations emphasizes on one of the four exercise essentials – balance, flexibility, cardiovascular, and strength. Feel free to select an area and checkout our training videos, fitness stations, and a lot more.

Kids Exercises – Our fun kids fitness provide young ones several opportunities for physical activity. We offer a series of fitness stations outdoor for children ages 8 to 14 years old. Among the exercises they can try here are junior chest, junior sit up, junior pull up, junior bar, and junior double air walker.

For Special Needs – All our fitness stations are designed for everyone including those with physical limitations. Rest assured for a hundred percent safety in our stations as they were developed with consideration to the requirements of users with differing abilities. We are still developing special solutions for those having disabilities though. Examples of those working in progress are our chest builder, back builder, ultra bar, hand cycle, and Tai Chi.

Senior Exercises – For seniors, we are committed to offering them with a healthy aging. We do understand the need for seniors to maintain and bolster mental and physical well-being considering the good effect of physical activity on life’s quality. Exercises here do not limit your physical ability. We just want everyone to receive the same enjoyment in our natural exercise and training programs. Try out our air walker, leg strengthening, cross, twister, chest back, bench, sign, and pingpong stations.


Our Packages

To focus on the individual fitness needs, we provide various packages suitable for everyone. These packages include Norwell Starter, Norwell Standard, Norwell Gold, Norwell Family, Norwell School, Norwell Senior, Norwell Power, Norwell Runner, and Norwell Urban.

Norwell Starter is a 5-pack starter set intended for those on a tight budget. The package covers the four essential elements with the chest, cross, twister, stretch, and sign stations.

Norwell Standard is a 10-pack standard set that allows you to choose from all the categories. Chest, pull-up, cross, air walker, springer, back, sign, bench, and stretch stations are used here.

Norwell Gold is a 16-full set of ultimate experience with an extensive range of fitness equipment. The selection enables you to get a full workout experience with many options. Stations here include chest, steppers, pingpong, cross, bar, hip, springer, twister, sit up, air walker, back, stretch, pull up, bench, and leg.

Norwell Family is a 15-pack exercise set for the entire family. This is best for visiting families with its stations fit for children and adults alike. Among the stations here are junior sit up, air walker, chest, pingpong, junior cross, and combined sign.

Norwell School is a 10-pack set suitable for primary schools in search for healthy options for children. Its junior line is great for children aged 8-14. Junior chest, junior cross, bench, junior hip, and junior back are some of its fitness stations.

Norwell Power is an 8-pack exercise set designed for high impact physical training. It would be beneficial for those in need of power through exercise.  Use its springer, bar, bench, pull up, steppers, and more to function well.

Norwell Runner is a 6-pack set great to put with the running trails for stops for stretch, rest, and upper body exercise. Sit up, line, sign, line bar and pull-up are its stations.

Norwell Urban is a 6-pack exercise set suitable for limited public areas. The compact design of this package’s stations makes them great.

For more details about Norwell Outdoor Fitness and our own best fitness equipment, just contact us.