Pearl Properties and Why Should You Use It

Pearl is different from other kind of gemstones which is mostly mined from earth, while pearl is formed within mollusks which are found in both salt water and fresh water.

A very small foreign body like the grain of sand when gets inside the mollusk, it forms layers of certain pearly materials all around as a defense.

These layers in Pearl will build up almost like the onion layers creating concentric circles. When more layers are formed, larger pearl will be formed. Can you imagine that your pearl necklace is made from such gemstone?

All the overlapping layers will also create certain iridescent luster which is called the orient of Pearl.

Pearls are available in white, pink, brown, black, blue and gold based on the type of water and mollusk.

Pearls are found in Philippines, Sri Lanka, and also in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of California. 

Freshwater and saltwater pearls are also found in China, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, France, Germany, Australia and the USA.

Why should you Use Pearls?

Pearls will help us to learn through our life experiences and hence it will make us wiser and stronger. 

It is also a kind of stone which will offer security and protection in all aspects of life. You may go about performing your daily tasks knowing that all protective energies are surrounding you.

Keeping all this under consideration, you will find that pearls will offer you a sense of internal confidence and serenity which allows you to confront any or all of life’s challenges.

Pearl can also produce powerful calming effects and has the ability to balance your aura. It will help you remain grounded even if you are in a chaotic world.

This gemstone can enlighten your mind; also help you to decide right from wrong. It will help you to realize that everything is not black or white. Pearls also heal various health conditions like digestive tract disorders and problems related to muscular systems. It balances the natural rhythm of the body and regulates hormone levels too.

Besides its elegance, pearls also have several metaphysical properties. Hence, it is a perfect gemstone for everyone.