Expert advice during pregnancy is something that you cannot ignore. You need to ensure not only your own wellbeing but that of your little one as well. All this goes on to lay down a healthy foundation and these work out to be great tips for a healthy pregnancy. The expert pregnancy advice would also suggest that some lifestyle changes are also necessary in case if you plan to become pregnant. If you are already pregnant you can go on to follow the below tips

Be active as far as possible

Not only exercise is good for the mothers but also for the developing babies as well. The main point here is consistency as women who are known to exercise regularly are going to have large placentas in comparison to the peers. The reason on why this is important would be that the placenta transports nutrients along with oxygen to the baby. Research also suggests that when you exercise during pregnancy it benefits both the heart of the mother as well as that of the baby.

Now the question is what sort of activity do you need to undertake? If the pregnancy appears to be normal you can just about do any exercise. This would be till that point of time as long as you follow the principle of listening to your own body. If you feel things are not right, then do not undertake it. Be aware of the fact that pregnancy does not prove to be a time in setting personal records.

Reduction of toxins

It has suggested that you reduce the exposure of toxic chemicals to both the mother as well as the baby which proves to be important while pregnant.

  • Foods as well as drink- the best way in reduction of toxins would be to eat organic food as far as possible. Do ensure that you reduce canned foods
  • Any natural cleaning products need to be incorporated at your own end. This does include essential oils along with baking soda

Consumption of whole foods

It would be really better to opt for organic foods as far as possible. But the key would be to opt for a well-balanced diet which is rich in proteins along with essential nutrients. Ensure that your diet is full of green leafy vegetables as it is incorporated with vitamin B 6 and foliate that prevents the occurrence of neural tube defects. One thing you need to be aware that there does exist a major difference between foliate and folic acid. One presents itself in synthetic form and the other in natural way.


When you are pregnant the body needs adequate amount of rest.  There could be an increase in demand with higher levels of stress which would drain a woman of vital energy. During the first three months when you are pregnant you do need lot of sleep. Whenever possible if you can take a nap please do use. Rest assures you of a healthy pregnancy.