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Pycnogenol is a French maritime pine bark extract that works as a dietary supplement to cure ugly signs of aging in the body. It is used to cure a number of health problems including skin problems, cardiovascular disease, sexual problems, weight and obesity. This natural medicine enhances sexual performance in the user and also improves the cardiovascular health. It helps in managing weight and improves ADHD symptoms. It also boosts energy level in the body and protects skin against aging signs.

What are the common uses of Pycnogenol?

As mentioned above, Phycnogenol is used for a number of health issues. However, the most common use associated with this medicine is to support circulatory function inside the body. It improves circulation of blood in lungs, heart and circulatory vessels. While circulating blood inside the heart and lungs, it doesn’t increase blood pressure preventing the heart from taking extra strain. A lot of problems inside the body occur due to issues with blood circulation. Pycnogenol prevents a number of these problems.

How does Pycnogenol cure ADHD?

ADHD is attention deficit hyperactive disorder – a very common psychiatric abnormality in children and adolescents. Phycegenol has many chemical compounds that remove the symptoms of ADHD from the body. These symptoms include forgetfulness, lacking focus, poor decision making, easy distraction, inappropriate climbing, playing noisily, incessant talking, squirming, fidgeting, inappropriate running, etc. With the use of this medicine, patients have shown positive results like improvement in mood stability, memory capacity, attention span and executive functioning abilities.

dietary supplement

How does Pycnogenol help in obesity and weight management?

The main cause of excessive weight and obesity is a hormone called leptin inside the body. Pyconegol increases the sensitivity to both leptin and insulin inside the body making the body immune from diabetic symptoms and weight gain. The medicine also controls blood sugar level, which is another major contributor to excessive body weight.

What are the other uses of Pycnogenol?

Besides being used as a medicine to cure ADHD and obesity, Pycnogenol has many other uses including:

  • Treat menopausal symptoms
  • Treat liver cirrhosis
  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • Treat diabetes
  • Treat thrombosis and systemic lupus

There isn’t any side effect associated with this medicine as it is 100% natural. However, you are advised to take few precautionary measures while taking this medicine. Do not take the medicine in excessive quantity. Also, avoid alcohol consumption while taking the medicine, as it can cause some reaction inside the body. Read more on