High levels of stress can take a toll on your overall health. Living a life full of stress can also reduce your cognitive thinking skills, making you feel almost scatterbrained and confused. Taking the time each day to relax, even if you need to take multiple stress-reduction breaks, will help you improve your health.

Every day, take some time to yourself to let the negative happenings leave your mind and fall asleep with a clear mind. Ending your day relaxed leads to a better night’s sleep and a better start to the next day.

Weight Gain

It’s common in society to seek comfort from food when you’re feeling too stressed out. The problem is that stress reduces your motivation and energy level, so you’re not working off what you’re comforting yourself with. Weight gain is common. You don’t make good food choices when you are stressed either, usually what you want is greasy, unhealthy and salty foods with little nutritional value.

To stop stress-related comfort eating, train your brain to go for a walk outside instead of walking to the fridge or cupboard. If you’re at work and feel stressed, still go take a walk and even step outside for a few minutes. Clean air is good for you and the quick change of scenery can help relax you. Studies show that physical activity does help reduce stress, and helps prevent weight gain.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are common when you have a lot of stress in your life. Anxiety can increase your heart rate and affects your mental health. Depression affects your entire body. Stress can come from multiple angles but are common in relationships and work. If you underperform at work, there is more stress on you to do your job right. If you underperform in your relationship, you can lose your partner.

To combat this stress, give yourself a daily affirmation to say to yourself aloud before leaving the house. Repeat this affirmation three more times before you get to work and again right before you walk through the door.

Increased Muscle Strains

When you’re stressed, your muscles are tighter. This leaves them more vulnerable to simple muscle strains and sprains. Sometimes what you need is a therapeutic massage in Minneapolis MN to help reduce the tight knots and tension in your back. Once your muscles feel relaxed, you will be able to relax the rest of your body.

You’ll experience stiffness in movements when you have increased stress. You can also relax your muscles, and continue to pamper them after a good massage by soaking in a hot bath or taking a long, steamy shower.

Closing Thoughts

Stress is unavoidable sometimes. It’s how its handled that determines what toll it takes on the body. Remember to relax at the end of the day and to relieve tension/stress as often as possible upon onset. The quicker you reduce stress the better it is for your whole body. You’ll make healthier eating choices, will be more active and will have more career confidence.