If you have concerns and problems with your hair, you might want to learn a bit more about the word “keratin.” In basic terms, keratin is a fibrous, structural protein that has the task of protecting specific cells from damage. It is an important part of the outer layer of human skin and is also found in reptiles, amphibians, birds, and other mammals.

As a treatment for hair, the protein keratin is applied to straighten hair, delivering good results for hair that has a lot of curl or wave. Individuals use this process to reduce frizz and to reduce the time it takes to blow dry. Because it doesn’t permanently affect the chemical structure of hair, it has become a popular and effective method that will last for about two months. Some say it can last as long as four months, depending on the individual and the type of hair treated.

Not Every Day

Many people enjoy the time-saving factor, especially if they have straightened their hair each day or on a regular basis. It is a chemical treatment, so you should discuss the effects carefully by consulting with an experienced hair-treatment professional. Some individuals with sensitive scalps or specific allergies may find the treatment is not for them.

It’s also important to distinguish keratin treatment from what is commonly called Japanese hair-straightening treatments, which are considered a permanent change. This hair-straightening method changes the internal structure of each strand, straightening curls. When you work with a specialist in Brazilian keratin treatment in Perth, your straight hair will stay that way for a few months.

You’ll also find this treatment can add a noticeable shine to your hair. You will notice a slight odour of formaldehyde from this method, since it’s one of the chemicals used in the treatment. This is not, however, a cause for concern, since the process has been developed over time to use only a safe amount of this chemical. This is one of the reasons the keratin treatment may not be right for everyone, since some individuals are allergic to formaldehyde.

Super Curly, Frizzy

When you struggle with hair that is curly and frizzy, especially in warm, humid conditions, this might the option for you. You can learn more when you visit the website of an experienced provider of keratin treatment, but you should also consult with them to find out if it will make the required changes in your coarse, frizzy, curly hair.

You will find this cuts down the time it takes to get ready because you won’t devote as much time to taking care of your hair. In addition, when the air is humid, or when it rains, your hair will remain straighter than it would without the treatment. Keratin treatment may be perfect for you.