When you need to build muscle, you simply cannot reach your goals without adding the right amount of protein to your diet. While carbs and fats certainly play an important role in your overall energy, nothing can beat the importance of protein for your muscles. Whether you want to add just a kilogram or two of mass or need to reach your weight requirement for a competition, you cannot afford to miss out on the building effects of protein in your diet.


Without enough protein in your diet, you will not gain the muscle mass you want. Fat and carbs are used by the body to form triglycerides and glucose, both of which are turned into energy. When you lift weights, ride through town on your bike, or work through a cardio routine, these help you feel great and burn the right calories during the workout. However, without protein, you will only lose weight with this type of diet.

High protein foods for muscle building are absolutely critical, and you need the majority of your diet to consist of protein-rich options. Your body must consume and utilise complete proteins every three to four hours to ensure you have enough amino acids. With plenty of amino acids available, your muscles can build up over time, quickly becoming larger. Your body must have a certain combination of 9 different amino acids if you ever want to build your muscle mass. Without these, you will not meet your target growth.

ATP Energy

Your brain and organs utilise glucose to function, but your muscles rely on ATP, a different source of energy. Without the crucial 9 amino acids available, your body cannot produce ATP energy. The amino acids currently stored in your body will be lost as waste products and eliminated over time. In short, your muscles cannot grow or retain the power to retract effectively without a proper level of protein available. Having a protein-rich diet should allow you to easily lift, curl, press, or squat your way to body perfection.


When you work out, especially during a low intensity exercise such as jogging or cycling, your body will burn all of the available energy to ensure you never run out of steam. If your muscles are not given enough use, your body will begin to look at your muscle tissue as additional energy it can burn for fuel. Without the right amount of protein in your body and exercises designed to use your muscles, you could begin to lose lean muscle mass over time. However, eating protein should easily signal your body that you need to use those muscles. It should also stop your cardiovascular exercises from breaking down the lean muscle mass of your body, allowing you to burn more fat when you work out.

You need protein to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Doing so should allow you to reach your goals without worrying about negative results. For your next competition, you could completely overshadow the competition and stand out as the most built and skilled person at the event.