Hip disorders are basically the disorders that will affect your hip joint. The ball and socket of the hip joint allows the movement of our thighs. It is very important in order to cause movement in human beings and helps the hip to support our body weight as well. Cartilage is present inside the hip joint. This tough substance helps the movement of the bones against each other painlessly. Muscles, tendons and large ligaments help the joint from getting dislocated. When any injury occurs to your hip or you are suffering from any hip disorder then automatically your gait changes and also the weight bearing capacity of your hip. The synovial fluid is produced by the synovial membrane that is very slippery and lubricates the hip joint and helps the movement of the hip possible and this makes the everyday tasks possible and any disease affecting this fluid is also very bad for the patient.

Take a look at the most basic hip disorders that can make living hell and is actually are very common so it is necessary that people have some idea about them.

  • Osteoarthritis: is mainly caused by ageing, obesity or injury. This degenerative arthritis affects millions every year. Some symptoms include swelling of the joints, worsening pain that gets worsened with any movement, clicking sound whenever one bends, etc. The main medicine is physical therapy or yoga. However, in worst even injections and medicines are given to the patient. Medicines include Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxen sodium etc. However, in severe worst cases one needs to go through hip replacement surgery. You can always opt for this surgery in India because cost of hip replacement in India is much lesser than what the other countries provide. So, opt for hip replacement in India only.
  • Hip dysplasia: When the hip socket is unable to cover fully upper thighbone’s ball portion, then this happens. Mainly people are born with this disease. The hip joint becomes somewhat dislocated. Babies are treated with pavlik harness. Adults even have to go through surgeries. Numerous medicines are also given to treat this disorder.

These are the most basic types of hip disorders that can cause severe problems to our body. It is necessary that we take care of them before starts messing with our life. Hip disorders at times can make you totally bed-ridden and simple tasks like walking or climbing the stairs becomes impossible. That is why many people even undergo hip replacement surgery as well. Hip replacement in India costis not much, but it is important for those who cannot lead a normal life without the replacement. It is advisable that before jumping into any kind of surgeries always consults more than one specialist and then takes your decision. If you feel that it is getting impossible to lie with the disorder, and then do for the surgery and help yourself lead a normal life once again. It is necessary that you start walking and do everything normally with the help of this surgery. It will provide you with a new life and will help you enjoy your life once again.