Around 15% couples around the world have issues of infertility, but thanks to the medical world, there are some amazing treatments and options available. One of the best known advanced reproductive technologies is “in vitro fertilization” or IVF. In this post, we will talk of IVF in detail, with some key aspects that you should consider before you think of this as an option.

Basics of IVF

Firstly, you need to understand that IVF is not same as artificial insemination. Unlike in artificial insemination, here the fertilization of the eggs is done in a lab. The process usually begins with preparing the female to get matured eggs. In case, the woman has issues and cannot produce mature eggs, a suitable donor can be chosen for the purpose. Keep in mind that the doctor may opt to place more than one embryo in the uterus, which may be lead to multiple pregnancies, and that’s precisely a reason why many couples have twins or even triplets.

Is IVF the right option?

That’s a question to be answered by an expert doctor. There are many clinics that offer IVF and surrogacy in Russia, and you can expect to get detailed information on all aspects in the first couple of appointments. Typically, IVF is considered as an option when everything else has failed. Women, who have tried fertility treatments with no results and are over 35 years of age, are usually suggested with IVF. When the female is unable to accept the embryo, surrogacy can be also an option.

Understanding the Choice of IVF and Surrogacy

Things that matter

IVF will require the couple to get ready with the procedure, which may start with a few hormonal treatments that the woman may be given to help her release more than one egg in a cycle. Following the same, the doctor will retrieve the eggs for further fertilization. IVF is among the most expensive procedures, and hence, it is more than essential that you talk to your doctor on possible aspects, including risks and chances of getting pregnant. Genuine clinics don’t ever give false hope to concerned couples, and therefore, you should always go for known and well reputed clinics.

All in all, in vitro fertilization is the most amazing thing that the medical world has to offer for infertile couples. If you haven’t been able to get pregnant in the conventional way, this can be an option with the most success rate.