Although Special K was initially developed to aid in surgical procedures in the medical arena, the anesthetic drug sooner became a recreational drug. It is due to its increased tendencies of abuse that led to its classification as a controlled substance under Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act of the USA in 1999. This was the result of the final rule that was entered by the Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration in the same year. Super K has even been listed as a Narcotic substance in the UK. Its increased probability of misuse is partly due to the disassociation effects it has as an aesthesia, leaving the users with a Ketamine high. In the USA, Ketamine used for recreation is mainly obtained illegally from Mexico.For recreational purposes, it is taken orally, administered through injections injected to the users’ muscles, through the rectum or puffed through the nose. Doses for the recreation purpose vary in milligrams. These dosage levels may be classified as light, common, strong, K Hole and anesthetic. A small dosage of Ketamine is said to be stimulating while large doses cause hallucinations.Just like all the abused substances, Ketamine has its side effects some of which are deadly. Some of these side effects include feeling dizzy, feeling nauseous and vomiting, being delirious and delusional, and experiencing hallucinations and nightmares. Due to the drug’s nature of dissociation, taking part in activities like driving while high on Super K is life-threatening.Therefore, taking Ketamine for recreation purposes is unhealthy and will have negative impacts.